Board of Trustees seeks your input on its policies

An open letter from Board Chair Robert Strauss

This communication is to provide an update and invite input on the work the Board is carrying out in reference to the 21 recommendations from the Organizational Review Report:

The Board accepted and endorsed all 21 recommendations and is now in the process of addressing them. The administration has already engaged in addressing some of the Recommendations.

After accepting the review recommendations, the Board had a public competition for a facilitator and subsequently found a person to fill the role. A first series of workshops were held on Feb 13, 14, 2017 with follow-up workshops on March 14 and 17, 2017. Workshops have already been scheduled for April 11 and May 16, 2017. The workshops will continue until all the recommendations have been addressed. It is expected that this process will be completed by June 30, 2017.

During the initial workshop, the Board reviewed the rationale and format for policies. It is the intention of the Board to make the policies more readable and more transparent, thus the new policy format. Also the new format schedules policies for regular review and revision. Thus, policies are to be kept current and relevant. The new format is intended to make the work of the Board more publicly transparent and accountable.

The following policies are being distributed in draft format and you are invited to provide feedback. A link to the PDF first draft is provided. If the policy is a revision of an existing policy, you will also see a link to a marked up version so you can easily see what changes are proposed, as well as a link to existing policy with no changes noted. If policies are new, only a PDF of the first draft is shown.:

2. Role of the Superintendent    FIRST DRAFT  CURRENT POLICY
3. Role of the Trustee, Board Chair, Vice Chair and Alternate Vice Chair  FIRST DRAFT  
4. Trustee Protocol   FIRST DRAFT
5. Alcohol Purchase   FIRST DRAFT
6. Vehicle Use   FIRST DRAFT
7. Off Duty Conduct   FIRST DRAFT
8. Planning Cycle Long Term – Strategic Plan FIRST DRAFT
9. Managing Board of Trustees – Annual Plan   FIRST DRAFT   MARKED UP VERSION
10. Monitoring Board of Trustees Performance   FIRST DRAFT
Please provide your input by April 21. Input should include suggestions for policy content and for new Board policies.

Policy areas that still need to be addressed include:

1. Monitoring and Evaluating the Superintendent
2. Board meeting Protocol
This policy will include various methods for public input/participation in Board meetings
3. Trustee Code of Ethics/Code of Conduct
4. Board Operations
5. Board Committee
6. Policy Making
7. Board Delegation of Authority
8. Appeals and Hearings
9. School Closures
10. Safe and Caring learning Environment
11. Electronic Monitoring
12. Progressive Discipline
13. Psychological Health and Safety
14. Student Achievement
15. Student Transportation
16. Inclement Weather
17. School Year Calendar
18. Board Fiscal Oversight

The review will continue until all the recommendations from the organizational review have been addressed and Board policy handbook completely updated.
I want to stress that the Board will be inviting feedback on an on-going basis until this process is complete.
Yours truly,

Robert Strauss
Board Chair, Palliser Regional Schools

How to offer feedback

You can offer your suggestions or comments either through the comment section of this site, or by submitting comments, questions or suggestions in writing:

By mail to:

Board of Trustees
Policy Review
#101 3305 18 Avenue North
Lethbridge, AB T1H 5S1

By fax to:


By email:

Using the comments tool attached to information about each policy. Comments submitted on this site are emailed to all six trustees on the Board of Trustees. The comments will not be posted on this website.

However you choose to submit your comments, please include your name and contact information should the board have questions or need clarification.

The policy review is one part of the Board of Trustees' response to the Organization Review and its recommendations. The review response web page includes links to the review report and the executive summary and recommendations.

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