Policy 23

Policy Making



Policy Making


Board of Trustees Palliser Regional Schools


July 2017







Policy Statement:

Policy development is a key responsibility of the Board of Trustees. Policies establish direction, assign authority, establish controls, and provide continuity and stability to the Division; and are an important way to communicate Board direction to parents, students, stakeholders and employees. Policies are the means by which the Board ensures accountability to the Community.

Board Action:

  1. The Board shall adhere to the following stages in its approach to policy making:
    1. The Board shall assess the need.
    2. Develop the policy or delegate the authority for the development the a particular policy
    3. Implement the policy governing its own processes; or delegate the authority to implement the policy to the Superintendent, or others as appropriate.
    4. Evaluate, review, and revise policies on a regular basis.
  2. Suggestions for policy development or revision may come from many sources, such as the following, but not limited to, Board Members, employees, tax payers, parents, students and School Council. Initially suggestions should come forward in writing with a brief statement of purpose or rationale.
  3. When developing a policy input will be sought from a wide range of interested parties, but particularly from those affected by the policy. As appropriate legal advice may also be included to ensure compliance with Legislation.
  4. Policies must be adopted by the Board, in the established format, and appended to the official minutes.
  5. The Board may delete a board policy and direct that it become an administrative procedure.
  6. On rare occasions and to meet an immediate need the Board may also act outside the policy framework but may only be done by Board motion.

 Scope and Limitations of Superintendent:

The Superintendent will ensure that Administrative Procedures are up to date, approved by the Board and consistent with Board policies.

Information and Monitoring Requirements:

The Board shall be informed and shall approve new Administrative Procedures and changes to Administrative Procedures.