Policy 1

Role of the Board of Trustees






Board of Trustees Palliser Regional Schools


July 2017







Policy Statement:

The Board is a corporate entity created by the provincial legislation and given authority by the School Act and the attendant regulations. It is comprised of trustees elected in accordance with the Local Authorities Election Act. The Board exercises its authority through a democratic process.

The Board is charged with the responsibility of providing, for its students and their parents, an education system organized and operated in their best interests. It must ensure that education happens by focusing on overall direction, policy and performance, the wise use of resources both financial and human and will ensure the health and safety of all students and staff within the School Division.

Board Action:

The following actions are required but are not limited to:

  1. Legislated accountability
    The Board shall:
    1. Act in accordance with all statutory requirements.
  2. Accountability to the Community
    The Board shall:
    1. Make informed decisions.
    2. Establish processes and provide opportunities for community input.
    3. Report division results at least annually.
    4. Model a culture of respect and integrity.
    5. Provide a visible board presence in the community and encourage two way communication.
    6. Encourage trustees to meet with school councils to receive information and to inform and clarify for school councils the activities of the Board. 
    7. Meet with societies of alternative school programs. 
    8. Appoint Trustees to school councils in Calgary. 
  3. Accountability to Student Achievement
    The Board shall:
    1. Align the plans of the province, the division and the schools
    2. Be committed to student achievement.
    3. Ensure Professional development coincides with but is not limited to division goals
  4. Three-Year Education Plan
    The Board shall:
    1. Provide overall direction for the jurisdiction by establishing strategic priorities and reporting key results.
  5. Policy
    The Board shall:
    1. Set policy and monitor policy impact.
    2. Ensure that all procedures are consistent with Board policy.
  6. Board/Superintendent Relations
    The Board shall:
    1. Recruit, hire, support and evaluate  the Superintendent and take appropriate actions
    2. Provide the Superintendent with clear Board direction.
    3. Respect the authority of the Superintendent to carry out executive action and support and monitor the Superintendent’s actions which are exercised within the delegated discretionary powers of the position.
    4.  Evaluate  the Superintendent in regard to the Superintendent's job description and additional Board direction
    5. Annually review compensation.
    6. Provide for Superintendent succession planning as required.
    7. Consider Transition to Retirement program.
    8. Recognize that only officially passed motions of the Board are binding on the Superintendent. Therefore, requests for information and/or directives by individual trustees are not binding on the Superintendent except in those instances when the Board has specifically authorized such exercise of authority.
  7.  Board/ Division Staff Relations
    1. Board is committed to providing a positive work environment for division staff.
  8. Political Advocacy
    The Board shall:
    1. Develop a yearly plan for advocacy, including focus, key messages and mechanisms. 
  9. Board Development
    The Board shall:
    1. Develop a yearly plan for Board development.
    2. Annually evaluate the Board’s effectiveness.
  10. Fiscal Accountability
    The Board shall:
    1. Approve budget assumptions at the outset of the budget process.
    2. Approve the budget annually and ensure resources are allocated to achieve desired results.
    3. Approve annually the Three-Year Capital Plan for submission to Alberta Education by the date due.
    4. Appoint an external auditor and approve annually the terms of engagement for the external auditor.
    5. Appoint an Audit Committee and receive the Audit Report, ensuring quality indicators are met.
    6. Monitor the fiscal management of the division through receipt of quarterly variance analyses and year-end projections.
    7. At its discretion, ratify Memorandum of Agreements with bargaining units.

Selected Responsibilities

  1. Approve the selection of the auditor, bank, legal counsel and architect as required.
  2. Consider funding requests for national/international competitions on a case-by-case basis.

Scope and Limitations of Superintendent:
Not Applicable

Information and Monitoring Requirements:

The Board will use the following but not limited to:

  • Annual Accountability Pillars Report
  • Board and Trustee Evaluation
  • Audited Financial Statements
  • Surveys to be determined