Policy 8

Monitoring and Evaluation of the Superintendent

Board Policy 8


Monitoring and Evaluation the Superintendent


Board of Trustees Palliser Regional Schools


July 2017







Policy Statement:

A major role of the Board is to recruit, hire, support, evaluate the Superintendent and take appropriate action as required necessary.

The primary purpose of the monitoring and evaluating the Superintendent is to improve competence and effectiveness.

The process for monitoring and evaluating performance should:

  1. Provide feedback, information, guidance and suggestions for personal and professional growth.
  2. Be part of a growth plan which includes establishing expectations, evaluation of results and identification of opportunities for development.
  3. Provide information for the purpose of determining renewal of employment; advancement on the salary scale/grid and recognition of outstanding performance. 

Board Action:

The Board will annual decide the process to facilitate the Superintendents’ performance evaluation.

The Annual performance evaluation report shall consist of the following:

  1. A self-assessment completed by the Superintendent.
  2. A report of the feedback from Board members; and from employees with direct reporting relationship to the Superintendent; and others as appropriate. This report shall be discussed with the Superintendent after discussion with the Board.
  3. A report on the semiannual discussion between the Superintendent and the Board. The semi-annual meeting is to provide the Superintendent with a general understanding of any performance issues as perceived by the Board with the objective to resolve issues in a proactive manner.
  4. A report by the Superintendent to the Board on the process and content of the report.
  5. The final report shall be included in the Superintendent personal file. 

Scope and Limitations of Superintendent:
Not applicable.

Information and Monitoring Requirements:
The report is generated by this policy.