Policy 22

School Closures



School Reconfiguration or Closures


Board of Trustees Palliser Regional Schools


July 2017







Policy Statement:

The Board supports the continuance of small schools and recognizes the value of local schools to their community. However, from time to time, it may be required to close existing schools to ensure the efficient and effective operation of the division. The process for the closure of schools is outlined in Legislation. 

Board Action: 

  1. The Board will follow legislation when looking at grade reconfiguration or school closures. The Ministry of Education will have final say in school reconfiguration/closures and the public may appeal the Board’s decision.
  2. School Reconfiguration /Closure Factors as provided in legislation:
    One (1) or more of the following consideration factors may lead the Superintendent to submit a School Closure/Reconfiguration Proposal to the Board:
    1. Increasing enrolments;
    2. Decreasing enrolments;
    3. Continuing low enrolments in a school or within grades in a school;
    4. Enhancing the effectiveness of program delivery;
    5. Improving school facility utilization;
    6. Improving cost effectiveness;
    7. Threats to health and/or safety.
      A proposal for school closure or reconfiguration may also be initiated at the request of the Board.
  3. School Closure/Reconfiguration Proposal
    A School Closure/Reconfiguration Proposal prepared by the Superintendent shall include the following:
    1. The consideration factors precipitating the proposed school closure or reconfiguration;
    2. How the reconfiguration or closure would affect the attendance area defined for that school;
    3. How the reconfiguration or closure would affect the attendance at other schools;
    4. Information on the Board’s long-range capital plan;
    5. The number of students who would need to be relocated as a result of the closure or reconfiguration;
    6. The need for, and extent of, busing;
    7. Program implications for other schools and for the students when they are attending other schools;
    8. The educational and financial impact of closing or reconfiguring the school, including the effect on operational costs and capital implications;
    9. The educational and financial impact if the school were to remain open, or, if the reconfiguration were not to occur;
    10. The capital needs of the schools that may have increased enrolment as a result of the closure or reconfiguration;
    11. Possible uses of the school building or space if the entire school is being closed, or three (3) or more consecutive grades in the school are being closed entirely.

Scope and Limitations of Superintendent:
The role of the Superintendent is outlined in the policy. The legislation allows the public to appeal to the Minister decisions made under the policy.

Information and Monitoring Requirements:
The Board shall keep a record of the proceedings as required by law.