Policy 19

Student Transportation



Student Transportation


Board of Trustees Palliser Regional Schools


July 2017







Policy Statement:

The Board supports a division-owned and operated Student Transportation Department that operates and maintains a transportation system in a safe, economical and efficient manner, and in accordance with any provincial acts and regulations, and Board policies and division administrative procedures as they apply to student transportation.

Board Action:

  1. The Board will provide transportation to all resident students kindergarten to Grade 12 as follows:
    1. Residing greater than two point four (2.4) km from the school the Board has directed the student to attend. The pick-up point shall be established on a developed government roadway. The Superintendent or designate shall be deemed to have complied with this policy if the pick-up point is established within 1.0 km of the residence. If no government roadway exists within one (1.0) km of the residence, the Superintendent or designate will establish a pick-up point on a government roadway beyond the one (1.0) km.
      1. Student ride times (one way) will not normally exceed sixty (60) minutes.
    2. Notwithstanding 1.1 above, when a demonstrated safety concern is present at the designated pick-up point on a developed government roadway, the Superintendent or designate may authorize the bus to enter the lane for a student pick-up at the residence, provided an appropriate turnaround is provided by the parent. The following situations will constitute a safety concern:
      1. Visibility in either direction deemed by the bus driver to create an unsafe situation. In this instance, the Superintendent or designate will inspect the site as soon as possible and approve or reject lane pick up.
      2. The pick-up/drop-off requires a left-hand turnaround off a public roadway. In such situations, the turnaround provided by the property owner must be safe and designed to physically accommodate the bus. In the event a bus is unable to enter a lane and/or turnaround safely, the Superintendent or designate may authorize the driver to turn around by driving into the lane and backing onto the roadway, when safe to do so.
      3. Students are temporarily or permanently disabled, and unable to walk to the stop.
      4. Presence of highly inclement weather (e.g., severe blizzard, dense fog), at which time drivers are allowed to use their good judgment and provide a residence pick-up/drop-off, if necessary.
    3. In situations where pick-ups/drop-offs on private property have been approved, property owners will be required to sign a “save harmless” agreement prior to lane service being provided.
    4. The Superintendent or designate may approve students to be transported within two point four (2.4) km provided that:
      1. The student resides less than two point four (2.4) km from the school the student is directed by the Board to attend.
      2. The request is in writing.
      3. The pick-up point is on an existing school bus route.
      4. There is seating available on the school bus.
      5. The request is approved on a one (1) year conditional basis.
      6. The parent pays a fee established by the Board.
  2. The Board will establish and maintain transportation attendance areas for each school which shall govern the boundaries of which student transportation services will be provided.
    1. Parents who choose to have their children attend a school operated by the Board other than the school the Board has directed them to attend may do so in accordance with the School Act, however, transportation becomes the sole responsibility of the parents. Notwithstanding the parent providing the transportation, the Superintendent or designate may provide the following transportation options to parents.
      1. In the case where bus transportation services only one (1) transportation attendance area, the Superintendent or designate may provide transportation if the parents transport to an existing bus route, space is available, approval is on a one (1) year basis only, and provisions are made with a residence on an existing bus stop for shelter in case of inclement weather or failure of the parent to arrive at the bus stop at the same time as the bus.
      2. In the case where bus transportation services more than one (1) transportation attendance area, and parents have chosen to have their child/children attend a school operated by the Board other than the school to which they have been directed to attend, approval for transportation may be given provided that space is available, the bus does not alter its route appreciably, and approval is conditional on a year-by-year basis.
      3. In the event a student resides at a point in an attendance area where the physical distance to a school operated by the Board in another attendance area is the same or less as the school the student would normally be directed to attend, the Superintendent or designate may authorize an extension of an existing route from the receiving school attendance area to pick up those students resident in the other attendance area, provided however, the cost to do so does not exceed one hundred and ten percent (110%) of the government transportation grant for that student or students.
      4. In no event will a cross boundary transportation extension create ride times for any students on that bus to exceed sixty (60) minutes one (1) way or increase ride times for regular students on that route by fifteen (15) minutes one (1) way had the extension note been granted. Preference for cross boundary route extensions will be given where the receiving school has a student population of one hundred (100) full time equivalent students or less.
      5. The Superintendent or designate may authorize cross attendance boundary transportation for students requiring specialized student service needs or program needs not provided in the designated school the student is normally directed to attend. There will be no additional charge to parents or guardians for this transportation service.
  3. The Board may provide transportation services to a school not operated by the Board provided that a transportation agreement is in place.
  4. Where a transportation agreement is in place, the Board delegates authority to the Superintendent to approve a parental request to have their child/children picked up by a bus from another school jurisdiction within the attendance area of Palliser Regional Schools, and transported to a school in that jurisdiction. Approval for the request shall be contingent on the provision of an appropriate reason by the parent (see section 6).
  5. The Superintendent shall establish administrative procedures for the operation of the Student Transportation Department.
  6. Criteria for Approval of Students to be Transported by Other School Jurisdictions
    1. Provided an authorizing transportation agreement is in place, the following are deemed to be appropriate reasons for approval of a parental request to allow a bus from another public school jurisdiction to pick up a resident Palliser Regional Schools student(s) and transport him/her to a school in that jurisdiction:
      1. The student is identified as being transported without an agreement prior to the 2003/04 school year, or is a sibling of a student who has been transported previously; or
      2. Particularly in the case of younger students, the length of the bus ride to the receiving school in the neighboring jurisdiction is considerably shorter than the length of the ride to the designated school in the Palliser Regional Schools attendance area.
    2. The following is deemed not to be an acceptable reason for authorization under the transportation agreement:
      1. The parent and/or student have a difference of opinion with the Principal or other staff member in Palliser Regional Schools.
  7. For purpose of this and other policies Palliser Regional Schools will be divided into 4 areas, or regions, for busing considerations.
    1. Arrowwood, Milo, Riverbend Colony, New Dale Colony, Arrowwood Colony Region
    2. Brant, Vulcan, Champion, Brant Colony, Wild Rose Colony, Mialta Colony Region, Sky Light
    3. Barons, Huntsville, Coalhurst, Picture Butte, Noble Central, Carmanagay (Springridge) Colony, Keho Lake Colony, Albion ridge Colony, White Lake Colony, Turin (Gold Ridge) Colony Region, Shadow Ranch
    4. Sunnyside, Coaldale, Wilson (Allenby) Colony Lakeside (Chin Lakes) Colony, New York (Hofmann) Colony, Rock Lake Colony Region

Scope and Limitations of Superintendent:
The Superintendent is responsible for the implementation of this policy and will as required present revisions and updates to the Board.

Information and Monitoring Requirements:
This policy will be reviewed by the Board on an annually basis.