Policy 20

School-Year Calendar


The Board will approve a division school-year calendar on an annual basis. In so doing, the Board will ensure the school year is set to reflect the educational interests of children, and will incorporate both system and school site requirements into the calendar.


  1. The Board will set the calendar for the forthcoming school year at the February meeting of the Board prior to that year.
  2. The school-year calendar will be set in keeping with mandated time requirements set out in the Guide to Education (ECS-12).
  3. The Superintendent shall draft a division school-year calendar to be presented to the Board at its November meeting, and subsequently circulated for comment to school staffs and School Councils.
  4. Parameters for the school year will, wherever possible, include the following:
    1. A two (2) week break at Christmas;
    2. Operational days not to exceed two hundred (200), and the school year not extending beyond June 30; and
    3. Adherence to provisions of all collective agreements.
  5. Individual school sites may recommend variations to the division school calendar. The Superintendent shall develop an administrative procedure to address this matter but final approval shall remain with the Board.


School Act, Sections 39, 56, 60, 61, 97, 113
Board/ATA Collective Agreement
Guide to Education (ECS-12) (Alberta Education)