AP 420.2 - Role of the Librarian

The librarian is responsible for the general operation of the library to maximize its use as a learning resource centre to support teaching and enhance student learning.


The Librarian is directly responsible and accountable to the Principal.

 A.  Fostering Effective Relationships:

  1. The  Librarian communicates effectively to ensure strong relationships with all stakeholders by:
    1. Ensuring a professional and welcoming library environment;
    2. Communicating effectively with students and staff and keeping the principal informed;
    3. Communicating to the principal if he/she is unable to perform his/her duties.
  2. The Librarian’s values and attitudes toward his/her role serve to support the principal by:
    1. Demonstrating a positive attitude towards all stakeholders;
    2. Building positive relationships with all stakeholders;
    3. Working independently, organizing and using time effectively;
    4. Working cooperatively with others;
    5. Demonstrating the ability to be flexible;
    6. Continuing to improve his/her effectiveness, expertise and job related skills.

B.  Supporting the Learning Community

  1.  Supports the decisions made by the principal in an ethical framework by:
    1. Maintaining confidentiality at all times;
    2. Conducting oneself in a professional and ethical manner;
    3. Demonstrating punctuality and appropriate dress for the school setting;
    4. Working within the policies and procedures of the school and the Division;
    5. Respecting the dignity and rights of students and staff members;
    6. Providing accurate administrative information to stakeholders as directed by the principal.
    7. Assisting teachers in orienting students in the use of the library materials;
    8. Assisting teachers to help students develop research skills;
    9. Working with staff in a supportive role to develop a school program which effectively integrates library and classroom activities;
    10. Assisting with the development of skills related to technology;
    11. Providing service to staff and students, assisting them in the selection of materials suited to their needs and abilities;
    12. Promoting literacy with staff and students;
    13. Keeping staff and students informed of new and existing materials; 

C.  Supporting School Operations

  1. Assists the principal in the organization and management of the human, physical and financial resources of the school.  
    Provides support by:
    1. Ensuring accuracy of all documents within area of responsibility;
    2. Maintaining the library information system;
    3. Maintaining school accounts regarding loaning of textbooks, assistive technologies, and other resources;
    4. Assisting with school library budget where required;
    5. Assisting with the organization of activities;
    6. Verifying and documenting receipt of supplies and equipment;
    7. Maintaining currency in technology;
    8. Scheduling library and community use bookings as required;
    9. Maintaining an inventory of all materials and equipment;
    10. Ensuring all resources are in appropriate form and condition;
    11. Liaising with other libraries and agencies to obtain information not available from the school's collection and ensure that these materials are returned;
    12. Other duties as assigned by the principal.



References:   Sections 60, 61, 96, 113, 116, 117 School Act
Employment Standards Code
Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act
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AP 430 - Non-Certificated Staff
AP 431 - Non-Certificated Staff Growth, Supervision and Evaluation