AP 451.5 - Role of the Executive Assistant, Human Resources

Guided by the Division’s mission statement, vision, mandate, beliefs and values, the Executive Assistant (Human Resources) will assist the Associate Superintendent (Human Resources) in fulfilling the general and specific aspects of the role description for the Superintendent as defined in the School Act and Board policy.


The Executive Assistant (Human Resources) is directly responsible and accountable to the Associate Superintendent (Human Resources). 

The Executive Assistant (Human Resources) will have specific responsibilities for:

  1. Human Resources
    1. In conjunction with the Manager of Human Resources, compiles and maintains staff recruitment process.
    2. Compiles and maintains employment contracts.
    3. Compiles and maintains personnel records.
    4. Compiles manual spreadsheets of staffing information: teacher listing, staffing allocations for teachers and support staff, teacher FTE listing, teachers by region, Bus Driver demographics.
    5. Maintains HR Manager Program with job postings; notifies Bellamy when system has issues.
    6. Maintains employee job descriptions.
    7. Compiles, distributes and follows up the staff evaluation process.
    8. Maintains Employee Assistance plan.
    9. Organizes, compiles and maintains Years of Service list for staff.
    10. Maintains Palliser staff email address and email groups.
    11. Manages teacher and support staff substitute lists.
    12. Requests and collects Principal Professional Growth Plans.
    13. Maintains Practicum placement process with post-secondary institutions.
    14. Provides executive assistant support related to Lead Teacher Cohort, AIM Induction and Teacher Induction programs.
    15. Manages Alberta Teacher Certificate Re-Issuance and Extensions.
    16. Manages Permanent Alberta Teacher certification process and supporting evaluations.
    17. Compiles information for Associate Superintendent (Human Resources) monthly reports for Superintendent’s Leadership Meeting and Board Meeting.
    18. Fields inquiries related to Human Resources on direct phone line.
    19. Consults and collaborates with payroll clerks and Manager of Human Resources on HR related matters.
    20. Prepares and communicates decisions within areas of responsibility.
    21. Participates in trade show conferences and meetings as authorized/directed by the Associate Superintendent (Human Resources).
    22. Provides executive assistant support to the Associate Superintendent (Human Resources).
  2. Fiscal Responsibility
    1. Operates in a fiscally prudent and responsible manner.
  3. Policy/Administrative Procedures
    1. Assists the Associate Superintendent (Human Resources) in the planning, development, implementation and evaluation of Administrative Procedures within areas of responsibility.
    2. Ensures the application of Board policy and Administrative Procedures as required in the performance of duties.
  4. Organizational Management
    1. Within areas of responsibility, demonstrates effective organizational skills resulting in compliance with all legal and Board mandates and timelines, and adherence to the Associate Superintendent (Human Resources) directives.
    2. Verifies Human Resources records with payroll records for use by the Manager of Human Resources.
    3. Contributes to a Division culture which facilitates positive results, effectively handles emergencies, and deals with crisis situations in a team-oriented, collaborative and cohesive fashion.
  5. Communications
    1. Takes appropriate actions to ensure appropriate internal communications are developed and maintained within areas of responsibility.
  6. Associate Superintendent (Human Resources) Relations
    1. Establishes and maintains positive, professional working relations with the Associate Superintendent (Human Resources).
    2. Respects and honours the Associate Superintendent (Human Resources) role and responsibilities, and facilitates the implementation of that role.
    3. Provides information which the Associate Superintendent (Human Resources) requires to perform his role in an exemplary fashion.
    4. Performs all related duties as may be assigned by the Associate Superintendent (Human Resources).
  7. Professional Practices
    1. Exhibits a high level of personal, professional and organizational integrity.
    2. Recognizes the sensitive nature and impact of potential situations on the Division and seeks input and direction from the Associate Superintendent (Human Resources) as required.
    3. Demonstrates extensive working knowledge of current established computer systems, procedures and practices.
    4. Demonstrates organizational abilities to plan and schedule work.
    5. Expresses ideas effectively, both orally and in writing.
    6. Prepares formal reports and statistical analyses.
    7. Establishes and maintains effective working relationships.
    8. Makes reasoned decisions, commits to a course of action and accepts responsibility.
    9. Demonstrates willingness and the ability to face sensitive employee relation situations and takes the appropriate action.
    10. Exercises considerable independent action in the performance of all duties.
    11. Maintains confidentiality in all matters pertaining to the Division and its operation.
    12. Commits to life-long learning and participates in meaningful professional development.
    13. Acts as an ambassador for Palliser Regional Schools at all times.


Sections 60, 61, 113, 116, 117 School Act
Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act
Funding Manual for School Authorities