AP 514.1 - Purchasing Cards

The primary objective of the Purchasing Card Program is to provide a more convenient, efficient, and cost-effective method of purchase. As well as, provide payment for small dollar transactions and to offer schools with a simple method for direct purchases.

The Purchasing Card Program is not intended to replace other established procedures.  Instead, it is intended to provide flexibility and autonomy to the cardholder while complementing current existing purchasing and payment guidelines. 

Authorized individuals may use Purchasing Cards for the purchase and payment of goods where it is efficient, economical, and operationally feasible to do so.


  1. Obtaining a Purchase Card and Submitted Limits
    1. A request will be submitted to the Finance Officer by Human Resources or a Supervisor.
    2. The Finance Officer will complete a Purchasing Card Program Application and a Purchasing Card Employee Agreement for each card requested and forward requests to the School Administrator or Supervisor for approval. Once approved the information will be forwarded to US Bank for a VISA card.
    3. Once the card has arrived, all Visa documents will be sent to the cardholder for review and signatures. Each purchasing card will have a unique number, and will be issued in the name of the employee who has been authorized to use that card.
    4. Each purchasing card issued will have an established monthly credit limit. This limit will be established by the supervisor or Secretary Treasurer and is usually set between $1,000 and $5,000 per month.  Cardholder balances are cleared at midnight on the 11th of each month. 
    5. An increase in transaction limits can be requested by eā€mailing the Finance Officer along with your immediate supervisor.
  2. Purchasing and Reconciling
    1. Each time you use your Purchasing Card, an electronic process verifies that your purchase is within the predetermined limits. If your purchase violates these limits, the supplier will not be able to process your order.
    2. Every charged transaction and credit transaction made using the Purchasing Card must be supported by valid and complete documentation. Not providing supporting documentation for all transactions is a Cardholder violation.  Acceptable supporting documentation:
      1. Receipts with VISA transaction slip from the Supplier.
      2. Priced (including taxes) invoice/packing slip.
        • Order forms, or a copy of the form, for dues, subscriptions, registrations, and similar items.
        • Invoice showing “Credit Card Payment”.
        • Comments of purchase validity on the reconciliation.
    3. It is the responsibility of the Cardholder to verify that he/she has received the monthly summary and has verified the accuracy of the summary by reconciling the receipts to the summary:
      1. Amounts on the VISA Transaction Summary match your receipts.
      2. Highlight items on the summary that you did not purchase and take appropriate action to dispute the charge.
        Your signature confirms that:
        The charges are correct with any exceptions noted.
        All receipts are attached.
        All purchases are authorized district purchases.
  3. Restricted Purchases:
    1. Certain types of purchases are not authorized to be paid for by Palliser Visa purchasing cards. If a purchase is made for anything described in the list below, the cardholder will be responsible for reimbursement.
    2. Purchase cards may not be used for the following:
      1. PD Activity
      2. Personal and private use
      3. Inappropriate purchases
      4. Cash advances
      5. Donations
      6. Purchase of alcohol and/or alcoholic beverages
      7. Controlled items such as hazardous material
      8. Centrally controlled budget items such as furniture and equipment
      9. Contracted Goods and Services
      10. Maintenance contracts
      11. Extended Rentals or Leasing
      12. Direct employment of individuals
        * Full details on all violations and consequences can be obtained from the Purchase Card Manual.
  4. Purchase Card Cancellations
    1. If it is necessary to cancel a Purchasing Card, the Cardholder, School Administrator or Supervisor must return the appropriate Purchasing Card to the Plan Administrator. The Plan Administrator will contact the USBankCorp to immediately cancel the card.
    2. Reasons for cancellation:
      1. Cardholder is no longer employed by the School Division.
      2. Cardholder goes on leave without pay.
      3. Cardholder is requested to surrender the Purchasing Card due to violation of policies.
      4. Cardholder elects to discontinue participation in the program.


Palliser Purchase Card Manual

March 2017