Administrative Procedure 549

AP 549 - Inclement Weather


The Board is responsible for ensuring that each of its students is provided with an education. Therefore, schools shall remain open to students during the times and dates established by the Board. However, the Board may temporarily suspend school bus services and close a school building if the health and safety of students and staff is endangered or if the weather is severe enough to warrant an unnecessary danger to students.


For the purposes of this administrative procedure, Palliser Regional School Division will be divided into 4 areas, or regions, for busing considerations:


  1. Arrowwood, Milo, Riverbend Colony, New Dale Colony, Arrowwood Colony Region
  2. Brant, Vulcan, Champion, Brant Colony, Wild Rose Colony, Mialta Colony Region
  3. Barons, Huntsville, Coalhurst, Picture Butte, Noble Central, Carmangay (Springridge) Colony, Keho Lake Colony, Albion Ridge Colony, White Lake Colony, Turin (Gold Ridge) Colony Region
  4. Sunnyside, Coaldale, Wilson (Allenby) Colony, Lakeside (Chin Lakes) Colony, New York (Hofmann) Colony, Rock Lake Colony Region


  1. School bus service shall be suspended by the Superintendent/designate when a Temperature or wind chill factor of -40 ° C has been reached.
  2. School bus services may also be suspended by the Superintendent/designate due to adverse weather or dangerous road conditions.
  3. When school bus services are suspended by the Superintendent/designate, schools shall remain open to students. All staff members are expected to report to work. On scheduled Diploma Examination dates, students who arrive at school must be allowed to write the examination.
  4. A staff member at his/her regular residence who, because of impassable roads/severe conditions, cannot get to school shall be paid full salary. The staff member shall immediately notify his/her principal of this circumstance.
  5. Suspension of school bus services may be limited to a specific region of schools.
  6. The Superintendent/designate may suspend bus services on a route by route basis. When this occurs, all schools shall remain open. If bus service on a route is suspended, no school bus service will be provided on this route(s) for the day.
  7. If unsafe road conditions occur, an individual bus operator has the discretionary power to decide not to operate or to abandon completion of the morning route by returning students to their homes. The bus operator must ensure students have adequate access to residences, and verification of adequate supervision and will notify the Transportation Supervisor of their decision.
  8. For the safety of students it is the responsibility of parents to ensure that:
    1. Their children are suitably dressed for coping with weather conditions
    2. Arrangements have been made for alternate shelter for their child if no one is home.


Sections 56, 57, 60 School Act

July 2017