AP 200 - Organization for Instruction

The principal is held accountable for organizing the school program in a manner consistent with the School Act, Programs of Studies and all requirements of provincial regulation and curriculum. The principal is therefore charged with the responsibility for ensuring that the information provided is accurate in all respects and reflects actual practice in that school


  1. The principal, in consultation with staff, shall organize and report, as requested by Central Office, the following information pertaining to the organization of instruction in schools:  
    1. Classes;
    2. Minutes of instruction
    3. Timetable including bell times
    4. Teacher assignments
    5. All course offerings that students of the school are receiving (classroom, distance education, video conferencing, online etc); and
    6. Enrolment.
  2. A random sample of schools in the division will be monitored to ensure that what is reported represents actual practice. Monitoring may include enrolment verification, number of instructional hours offered, course/time relationships, etc.


School Act,Section 20
Ministerial Order #015, Standards for Special Education
Guide to Education ECS to Grade 12
Goals and Standards Applicable to the Provision of Basic Education in Alberta (Ministerial Order #004/98)
Policy 20:  School Year Calendar