AP 213 - Inclusive Education

Palliser Regional Schools supports educating students with special supports and service needs in their regular classrooms in neighborhood schools as the first placement option, in consultation with students, parents/guardians and school staff. Further, students’ education programs will be based on the individual program plan designed to meet the educational needs of identified exceptional students. 

To support a coordinated service delivery model, Palliser Regional Schools will work together with members of the community, including specialized support professionals from community partner agencies, to meet the unique needs of children and students to ensure they receive the services they need. 

The division will provide appropriate programs and services to meet the diverse and unique needs of exceptional students who are residents of the division, subject to the following procedures.


  1. Each student’s programming needs shall be met based on Alberta Education’s document Standards for Special Education, amended June 2004, and in accordance with Alberta Education Policies 1.6.1 and 1.6.2.
  2. The Palliser Regional Schools Inclusive Education Learning Team Reference shall provide procedural guidance for the identification of students with special education supports and service and the provision of effective programming to meet those needs in the areas of access, appropriateness, accountability and appeals.
  3. The principal shall advise parents of their right to appeal decisions affecting the education of their children (i.e., Policy 13 – Appeals and Hearings Regarding Student Matters, and Section 48 of the School Act).


School Act,Section 8, 45, 47, 48, 123, 124, 125
Education Placement of Students with Special Needs Policy 1.6.1
Special Education Policy 1.6.2
Guide to Education ECS to Grade 12
Standards for Special Education (Amended June 2004)
Palliser Regional Schools – Student Services Handbook
Cross-Reference: Policy 13 – Appeals and Hearings Regarding Student Matters
Forms: See Student Services/School Programs section of Forms Manual