AP 251- Information Sharing Protocol for Family School Liaison Counsellors (FSLC)

Family School Liaison Counsellors offer professional services providing emotional, social and spiritual supports to our students and their families. Counsellors provide professional services that include individual counselling, peer support programs and support groups, while liaising with the students’ parents/guardians.  FSLC counsellors are employed by Palliser Regional Schools and play an integral role in ensuring the overall success of our students through effective collaboration with administration, teachers and non-certified staff. Counsellors and teachers are both bound by their respective professional codes of conduct. In all situations, the safety of all students must be considered paramount. That matters related to students be communicated to the Principal and or his/her designate based on the general principles of the School Act that directs school employees to act in a “student’s best interest.”


  1. FSLC counsellors will share information with the principal or designate related to the following student matters:
    1. Imminent risk of physical or emotional injury to the student or anyone else inside or outside of school.
    2. If the student shares any information of physical, emotional or sexual harm to himself or herself or any other minor or dependent person.
    3. Any information that is deemed injurious to the student, other students or adults.
    4. If counsellor is subpoenaed by the court of law to release information.


School Act, Section 12, 20, 45
Section 264.1(1), Criminal Code of Canada
Cross Reference: Crisis Response Manual
AP 250, Guidance and Counseling services; Counselling Services
AP310, Safe and Caring;
AP317, Threat Assessment Protocol
AP352, Bullying in School
Organizational Chart