AP 312 - Safety Programs

A planned safety program is required in division schools and worksites to ensure a safe environment for all personnel and students. Accident prevention and safety procedures in the division will therefore to be designed to: 

  1. Enable students and staff to correctly identify hazards, assess risks, and make and implement appropriate decisions;
  2. Develop a sense of personal worth, respect for life and property, and an ability to cooperate towards achieving a safer society;
  3. Provide opportunities to practice safe procedures; and
  4. Lower the frequency and severity of accidents which occur to individuals of all age groups.


Site administrators in the division shall develop and implement a safety program which will include:

  1. Compliance with all provincial and federal laws, rules and regulations;
  2. Provisions for safety instruction, school facility safety, safety in transportation and traffic control; and
  3. Communications among staff, students, parents, community officials and the media, and designated safety personnel.


School Act, Section 45
Crisis Response Manual 
Occupational Health and Safety Act