AP 356 - Alcohol and Drugs

Our schools are committed to promoting the health and well-being of all students and to creating a learning environment where all students feel safe and cared for. The misuse of alcohol and drugs, including addictive and/or hallucinogenic substances, creates significant health concerns leading to medical and social problems. The inappropriate use of alcohol and drugs impairs an individual’s ability to function and will not be tolerated on school property, school buses or school-related activities. 

Schools are encouraged to support programs which: 

  • Increase awareness of the dangers associated with the use of alcohol and drugs; and
  • Discourage the misuse of alcohol and drugs. 

The following activities are prohibited on school property and at authorized student activities: 

  • Possession and/or use of alcohol;
  • Possession and/or use of illicit drugs; and
  • Inappropriate use of prescription and non-prescription medication. 

For the purposes of this administrative procedure, the above definitions together constitute “illegal substances.” Persons under the influence of the above substances are prohibited from being on school property or participating in authorized student activities. Further, “school property” is defined to include the geographic and physical spaces operated by Palliser Regional Schools and extends to properties off campus where school-sponsored activities occur, including arenas, recreation areas and overnight accommodations utilized during any off-campus excursions.


  1. Instruction on the dangers associated with the use of alcohol and drugs, and which discourages the use of alcohol and improper use of prescription and non-prescription drugs, shall be provided to every student as mandated and required in the Alberta Program of Studies.
  2. The Board supports the use of AADAC leadership and materials as a supplement to approved resources.
  3. Use or possession of illegal substances on school property or at authorized student activities shall be referred to the principal and/or police.
  4. Acting on behalf of the parent, the following actions will initially be taken:
    1. A school staff member will respond to the student’s immediate safety and medical needs.
    2. Any alcohol or other drugs involved will be confiscated and properly managed until they can be disposed of or turned over to the police.
    3. Parents/guardians will be contacted and informed of the situation. If appropriate, parents/guardians will be asked to pick their child up from school. If unavailable, a school staff member will phone an emergency contact or Children’s Services.
  5. The school administrator will implement Administrative Procedure 353 (Student Investigations and Procedures): Contact police. School staff shall cooperate with law enforcement agencies in matters related to the possession and/or trafficking of controlled substances on school property or at authorized student activities.
  6. Students who are found, through investigation, to have contravened this administrative procedure will be subject to disciplinary action, including possible suspension and expulsion.
  7. The student will also be directed to participate in an alcohol and drug awareness program as available through local resources such as AADAC.
  8. The school administrator will make a determination, based on the facts of the incident and restrictions of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, as to whether a communication release needs to be sent to parents of a specific class or group of students within the school community.
  9. School administrators are authorized to confiscate alcohol, drug products and associated paraphernalia from persons who are in contravention of this administrative procedure governing the use of these on school property.


School Act,Section 60
Criminal Code of Canada
Food and Drug Act
Narcotics Control Act
Youth Criminal Justice Act
Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act
Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms                                       

Cross Reference:  Administrative Procedure 310 – Safe and Caring School Environments
Administrative Procedure 351 – Student Discipline and Suspension
Administrative Procedure 353 – Student Investigations and Searches