AP 400 - Selection and Recruitment of Certified Staff

The successful attainment of the division’s desired outcomes for students depends ultimately upon the calibre of its certificated staff. It is expected that division staff members will possess and demonstrate the academic and professional excellence necessary to work cooperatively in the field of instruction of students.

Attracting, retaining and developing a high quality teaching team are high priorities of the division. To support this objective, recruitment and selection practices must ensure that certificated staff hired are highly skilled; committed to the division’s mission, mandate, vision, values and beliefs; and dedicated to the service of students.


  1. The Superintendent has been granted full authority to hire certificated staff under the provisions in the School Act, subject to Policy 16 – Recruitment and Selection of Personnel.
  2. All advertisements for vacant positions shall state that, “Criminal record checks are requirements of all successful applicants.”
  3. Prospective employees will be requested to provide a criminal record check at the time a contract or letter of employment is to be issued. An individual who chooses not to provide this evidence will be considered to have declined the offer of the position without prejudice.
  4. As a condition for employment, candidates for teaching positions may be required to submit a medical certificate certifying they are in good health.
  5. All teachers hired by Palliser Regional Schools shall be hired as employees of the division assigned initially to a specific position/school.
  6. Appointments to the certificated staff shall be for a probationary period.
  7. The Superintendent will decide whether to approve a continuing contract of employment at the end of the probationary period in accordance with the School Act.
  8. Certificated staffing levels will be established by the Superintendent or designate, in consultation with the school principal.
  9. The Superintendent or designate is authorized to approve part-time contracts for employees holding full-time continuing contracts one (1) year at a time.
  10. The Superintendent’s office, in consultation with the principal, shall be responsible for coordinating the selection process for applicants for teaching positions.
  11. The Superintendent or designate and principal will conduct the interviews and select the successful applicant. For candidates who were interviewed, the Superintendent or designate shall communicate verbally to both successful and unsuccessful applicants.
  12. The Superintendent or designate will send out the formal offer of employment, with a copy to the Payroll department.
  13. The Associate Superintendent (Human Resources), through the Superintendent, will periodically present the Board with a list of all teacher appointments, transfers, leaves of absence, resignations and terminations for information.
  14. It shall be the duty of the Superintendent or designate to see that persons offered contracts of employment meet qualifications established by the Province of Alberta and criteria of this division for the type of position for which the appointment is made.
  15. All requests for changes in employment status (increases or reductions of hours, etc.) must be in writing and done in consultation with the designated Central Office personnel. The Superintendent or designate will send out the actual letters of change to the employees with a copy to Payroll. These changes in hours shall occur only after the letter of change has been filed with Payroll, with a copy to the principal.
  16. It shall be general procedure to conduct a teacher intentions survey each February to provide teachers an opportunity to express a desire for a different assignment.
  17. When a vacancy exists, the Superintendent or designate shall determine whether advertising the position is required or not.
  18. A teacher’s initial assignment to a school shall be based on:
    1. The needs of the school; and
    2. That teacher’s qualification and estimated ability to carry out the assignment.
  19. The responsibility for deployment of the appointee within the school shall be that of the principal in consultation with the teacher. Every effort shall be made to assign a teacher to responsibilities for which he/she has specific training and/or experience.


School Act, Section 61, 97, 103
Cross Reference: Policy 16 – Recruitment and Selection of Personnel