AP 401 - Employment of Relatives

All persons should have equal opportunities for employment with Palliser Regional Schools. Family relatives of trustees or employees of the division may be employed on the basis of merit providing family relatives are not involved in hiring or supervising the respective positions.


Family relatives include spouse, common-law spouse, parent, child, spouse of child, sibling, spouse of sibling, grandparent, aunt or uncle.


  1. Employees are prohibited from directly supervising or being supervised by a family relative. One or the other person shall accept re-assignment to another school, department or area or seek employment elsewhere.
  2. Supervision, for the purposes of this administrative procedure, includes any of:
    1. Assignment of duties;
    2. Approval of requisitions;
    3. Determination of salary/wage level;
    4. Completion of evaluation of performance reports; or
    5. Decision on promotion/retention/transfer.


School Act, Section 60