AP 404 - Staff Recognition

The division will recognize staff members in the division who are retiring, have given long service or who have received significant external awards.


  1. Long-service awards will be presented at the School Opening Celebration at the beginning of the school year. In calculating years of service, an employee must have worked at least five (5) months of the previous school term (September 1 to August 31) in order to get credit for the year. In addition, time on personal, medical, maternity, parental or adoption leave are not included for the purpose of calculating years of service for Palliser recognition purposes.
  2. The Board of Trustees shall participate in school/site staff retirement celebrations.
  3. The Superintendent or designate shall arrange the details for Board recognition of staff.
  4. Ongoing recognition for other achievements will be encouraged at the school level.
  5. School principals/supervisors are encouraged to inform the Superintendent of outstanding achievements by staff to allow him/her the opportunity to provide appropriate recognition.


School Act, Section 60