AP 406 - Secondment Leave

Secondment leaves provide an opportunity for teachers and administrators to gain personal and professional growth and enrichment. 


  1. Secondment leaves may be provided for teachers and administrators to participate in educational research, enrichment and leadership training, and related employment in other institutions.
  2. Secondment leaves shall not exceed one (1) year and shall normally be taken between September 1 and August 31.
  3. Applicants wishing a secondment leave must apply to the Superintendent a minimum of sixty (60) teaching days prior to the effective date of the secondment.
  4. A teacher’s application for secondment leave should include a statement of support and/or recommendation from the principal of the school to which the teacher has been assigned. The application must provide detailed information regarding the plans for the leave.
  5. To be eligible for secondment leave, the teacher/administrator must have been employed by the division for a minimum of five (5) years.
  6. The Superintendent will review the application and make a decision based on:
    1. Individual need;
    2. Benefit of the leave to the division;
    3. Effect of granting the leave on the instructional program; and
    4. Length of service with the division.
  7. Approved secondment leaves shall normally be at no financial cost to the division.
  8. A teacher/administrator that has been granted a secondment leave will be required to enter into a written agreement outlining the conditions of the leave. The agreement will be authorized and signed by the Superintendent.


School Act, Section 60
Cross Reference:  Policy 12 – Role of the Superintendent/CEO