AP 410 - Role of the Teacher (Certified Staff)

Teachers, in cooperation with the Superintendent and administrative staff, are expected to perform their duties as set out in Section 18 of the School Act, Alberta Education regulations, and policies, guidelines and procedures issued from time to time by the division or its representatives. 

The division views teaching duties as those professional tasks encountered by teachers in the course of their activities concerned with the instruction of students. The welfare of students and the maintenance of a positive educational climate in the school community are also considered to be an integral part of the teacher's role. 

Teachers are expected to use professional judgment in determining appropriate educational activities to ensure that students have the opportunity to obtain the best educational growth of which they are capable. No specific methodologies are prescribed.


  1. Certificated staff are defined as those staff requiring a valid Alberta teaching certificate  to perform their duties, and covered by the Alberta Teachers’ Association Collective Agreement.


  1. Teachers shall be responsible for being familiar with and upholding current legislation and all policies, regulations and procedures of Alberta Education, the Board, the Superintendent and the principal that pertain to duties of teachers.
  2. According to Section 18 of the School Act, a teacher’s duties include the following.
    A teacher while providing instruction or supervision must:
    1. Provide instruction competently to students;
    2. Teach the courses of study and education programs that are prescribed, approved or authorized pursuant to this Act;
    3. Promote goals and standards applicable to the provision of education adopted or approved pursuant to this Act;
    4. Encourage and foster learning in students;
    5. Regularly evaluate students and periodically report the results of the evaluation to the students, the students’ parents and the Board;
    6. Maintain, under the direction of the principal, order and discipline among the students while they are in the school or on the school grounds and while they are attending or participating in activities sponsored or approved by the Board; and
    7. Subject to any applicable collective agreement and the teacher’s contract of employment, carry out those duties that are assigned to the teacher by the principal or the Board.


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Teaching Quality Standard