AP 421 - Role of the Vice Principal

The vice principal shall assist the principal in ensuring and safeguarding the smooth, efficient operation of the school under their care and control, according to the provisions of the School Act and the direction of the Superintendent. It is expected that the vice principalship is considered as a preparatory position for aspiring principals. Effective March 2004, designation as a system vice principal is for an initial probationary year. Following that term, subject to a
successful evaluation, extensions of the designation for an additional four (4) year period, followed by up to three 3-year periods, will be permitted. Upon completion of this time period, the designation will be reviewed.


  1. When the total number of students in an elementary/junior high school exceeds three hundred (300) full-time equivalent students, a vice principal shall be appointed. The amount of administrative time to be allotted to the vice principal will be determined by the principal in consultation with the Superintendent and will be taken form the total amount of administrative time allotted to the school.
  2. Specific duties of the vice principal shall be decided mutually by consultation between the vice principal and the principal and conveyed to staff; however, Appendix 420A – Criteria for Effective Leadership shall also apply to position of vice principal.


School Act.  Section 20, 61