AP 431 - Student Services: Non-Certified Staff Growth, Supervision and Evaluation

Palliser Regional Schools supports the regular classroom as the first placement option for students with special needs. Implementation of that philosophy, while providing for the individual needs of the students, has resulted in the expansion of differentiated staffing to meet students’ intellectual, learning, social, emotional and physical aspects of development. Learning assistants, child and youth care workers and early literacy support workers are important team members in supporting students’ education programs, with specific responsibilities to assist and facilitate student learning. 

All division non-certificated staff members have a responsibility to practice a continuous process which fosters growth and personal development.


A.   Student Services Non-certificated staff Growth 

  1. All Student Services non-certificated staff on continuous and probationary contracts with the Board shall complete a Growth Plan each year.
  2. The Growth Plan shall:
    1. Reflect goals and objectives based on a self-assessment of learning needs;
    2. Show a demonstrable relationship to the job description;
    3. Take into consideration the educational plans of the school, the division and Alberta Education; and
    4. Be developed in consultation with the employee’s supervisor.
  3. The Growth Plan shall be submitted by October 30 annually to:
    1. The principal or designate, in the case of Student Services non-certificated staff employed within a school;
    2. The Early Intervention Specialist, in the case of Student Services non-certificated staff employed outside the school; or
    3. The family school liaison counsellor, in the case of a child and youth care worker assigned to schools, for review and verification of the procedures identified in this administrative procedure.

B.   Student Services Non-certificated staff Supervision

The principal or designate or supervisor shall provide for ongoing supervision of each Student Services non-certificated staff member by: 

  1. Providing support and guidance to the staff member;
  2. Observing and receiving information about the staff member’s quality of work; and
  3. Identifying the behaviours or practices of a staff member that, for any reason, may require an evaluation.

C.  Student Services Non-certificated staff Evaluation

The principal or designate, in consultation with the immediate supervisor, shall conduct an evaluation of a school-based Student Services non-certificated staff member. Student Services non-certificated staff members who are not located in a school shall be evaluated by the Early Intervention Specialist or designate. The family school liaison counsellor shall conduct an evaluation of child and youth care staff assigned to the school. An evaluation shall be conducted:

  1. For purposes of gathering information related to a specific employment decision as directed by the Associate Superintendent (Student Services) or designate;
  2. When, on the basis of information received through supervision, the principal or supervisor has reason to believe that the quality of work is unacceptable when measured against the job description; or
  3. Upon the written request of the staff member.

Formal evaluations will be conducted periodically, and records of the evaluations will be maintained and forwarded to the Superintendent or designate:

  1. Prior to the completion of the employee’s probationary period; and
  2. At least once every three (3) years thereafter.


School Act, Section 60, 61
Forms: Child & Youth Care Worker Evaluation Form
Early Literacy Support Worker Evaluation Form
Preschool Educator Evaluation Form
Student Services Learning Assistant Evaluation Form
Student Services Non-certificated staff Growth Plan