AP 454.2 - Role of Facility Services Supervisor

Guided by the Division’s mission statement, vision, mandate, beliefs and values, the Facility Services Supervisor will assist the Secretary Treasurer in fulfilling the general and specific aspects of the role description for the Superintendent as defined in provincial statute, Alberta Education documents and Board policy.


The Facility Services Supervisor is directly responsible and accountable to the Secretary Treasurer. 

The Facility Services Supervisor will have specific responsibilities for: 

  1. Facility Services Leadership
    1. Provides support for leadership on all matters related to Facility Services.
    2. Provides support for the professional development and certification requirements of Facility Services staff and contract custodians.
    3. In coordination with principals, organizes training for new staff and any educational programs that would best benefit all new and existing staff.
    4. Supports the provision of facility services to all Division-owned sites.
    5. Updates the three-year IMR Plan for the Division annually, ensuring consideration of changing priorities.
    6. In conjunction with the Secretary Treasurer, develops Capital Plans as required.
    7. Supports the management of space at the Palliser Education Centre.
    8. Approves the Occupational Health and Safety Program for the Division.
  2. Human Resources Management
    1. Maintains a continual dialogue with Facility Services staff/contract and employee custodians to ensure that good performance is recognized and that potential problem areas are identified and resolved.
    2. In conjunction with school administrators, ensures that guidelines and standards on school cleanliness/facility operation are being met.
    3. Conducts meetings and discusses with Facility Services staff/contract and employee custodians any proposed changes to Board policy, Administrative Procedures or service delivery, or as the need arises.
    4. Maintains all records for Facility Services staff/contract custodians necessary for the purpose of input documentation for the Payroll Department, including approval of all overtime and time cards.
    5. Provides recommendations on the hiring of Facilities Services staff/contract and employee custodians.
    6. Supervises, evaluates and recommends retention/termination and suspension of Facility Services staff and contract custodians.
  3. Student Wellness
    1. Provides support to ensure that the physical environment is safe, and conducive to student learning.
  4. Facility Services Management
    1. Monitors operation of the department and, in conjunction with Facility Services staff, makes any necessary changes that would improve the operation of the department.
    2. In conjunction with principals, works out formulas for the cleaning staff in schools to deal with increases and decreases in enrolment and school sizing.
    3. Supports principals in ensuring that in time of sickness, schools are properly staffed for cleaning.
    4. Meets with sales representatives; coordinates evaluation of all new and existing equipment and supplies.
    5. Purchases and ensures the functionality of school security systems.
    6. Screens all work requests; prioritizes individual requests.
    7. Coordinates the day-to-day maintenance program and ensures all work is carried out in a timely fashion.
    8. Ensures that all school grounds and student drop-off areas are properly maintained year round.
    9. Coordinates all summer maintenance projects and any IMR projects that are scheduled.
    10. Coordinates the transfer of furniture and equipment between schools.
    11. Coordinates mail delivery system to ensure that all school supplies and correspondence are delivered in a timely fashion.
    12. Serves as Division representative at any start-up/construction phase meetings for any new construction or major modernization.
    13. Consults with Facility Services staff to ensure that electrical, mechanical or architectural hardware systems are part of any new construction or modernization.
  5. Fiscal Responsibility
    1. Prepares and administers annual operational budget.
    2. Ensures ordering of all supplies, furniture and equipment required for Facility Services.
    3. Administers all contracts for Facility Services.
    4. Ensures analysis of all utility invoices.
    5. Coordinates the sale or disbursement of all surplus furniture or equipment within the Division.
    6. Ensures coding of all invoices and credit card transactions, ensuring all invoicing to the department is correct.
  6. Administrative Procedures
    1. Participates in the planning, development, implementation and evaluation of Administrative Procedures within areas of responsibility.
    2. Ensures the application of Administrative Procedures as required in the performance of duties.
  7. Organizational Management
    1. Within areas of responsibility, demonstrates effective organizational skills resulting in compliance with all legal and Board mandates and timelines and adherence to Secretary Treasurer directives.
    2. Ensures response to any intrusion or building alarm.
    3. Handles emergencies and deals with crisis situations in a team-oriented fashion.
  8. Communications and Community Relations
    1. Takes appropriate actions to ensure open and transparent internal and external communications are developed and maintained in areas of responsibility.
    2. Ensures staff, students and parents have a high level of satisfaction with the services provided and with the responsiveness of the Facility Services department.
    3. Initiates and maintains contacts with outside agencies, local community groups and School Councils.
    4. Confers with specialists, external consultants and government personnel to obtain information and resolve disputes.
  9. Secretary Treasurer Relations
    1. Establishes and maintains positive, professional working relations with the Secretary Treasurer.
    2. Honours and facilitates the implementation of the Board’s roles and responsibilities as defined in Board policy and encourages staff to do the same.
    3. Provides the information the Secretary Treasurer requires to perform his role in an exemplary fashion.
  10. Leadership Practices
    1. Practices leadership in a manner that is viewed positively and has the support of those with whom he works in carrying out the Secretary Treasurer expectations.
    2. Exhibits a high level of personal, professional and organizational integrity.


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