AP 454.1.1 - Role of Finance Officer

Guided by the Division’s mission statement, vision, mandate, beliefs and values, the Finance Officer will assist the Financial Services Supervisor in fulfilling the general and specific aspects of the role description for the Secretary Treasurer as defined in the School Act and Board policy.


The Finance Officer is directly responsible and accountable to the Finance Services Supervisor. 

The Finance Officer will have specific responsibilities for: 

  1. Finance Services Management
    1. Reviews accounts payable, accounts receivable and cash receipt batches for accuracy and reasonableness of coding and proper approvals.
    2. Prepares bank reconciliations for review and approval by the Financial Services Supervisor.
    3. Prepares monthly trust account reconciliations for review and approval by the Financial Services Supervisor. Administers corresponding student awards in accordance with individual trust account criteria.
    4. Conducts research, prepares reports and assists with various projects as may be required from time to time.
    5. Processes necessary journal entries into the financial system for review and approval by the Financial Services Supervisor.
    6. Generates and distributes Monthly Budget to Actual Variance Reports.
    7. School-Generated Funds
      1. Acts as the Division’s resource person for School-Generated Funds, including applicable software;
      2. Monitors school account activities monthly to ensure accuracy;
      3. Assists with the year-end rollover process for all participating Palliser schools to ensure all is done properly and in a timely manner;
      4. Participates in annual audits and prepares corresponding report of results for the Secretary Treasurer. Acts as a resource person for the Secretary Treasurer during discussions with the Principal and Secretary of the audit results.
    8. Monthly VISA Reconciliations
      1. Compiles and verifies cardholder activity report information for accuracy and completeness and creates corresponding invoice batch;
      2. Generates accounts payable invoice batch reports, ensures all transactions balance and applies the invoice batch;
      3. Provides financial reports (i.e. direct debit register), applied accounts payable invoice batches, U.S. Bank Corporate Account Statement and cardholder activity reports to the Financial Services Supervisor for final approval;
      4. Reviews any additional comments on the cardholder activity reports and acts on any requests (i.e. GL account changes, accounts receivable invoicing to other parties);
      5. Ensures reimbursements from other parties for Palliser VISA charges are monitored and collected in a timely manner; and
      6. Processes VISA reconciliations including corresponding accounts payable documents are filed.
    9. Performs backup function to reception, payroll, accounts payable vendor maintenance and accounts receivable customer maintenance as necessary.
  2. Fiscal Responsibility
    1. Operates in a fiscally prudent and responsible manner.
  3. Administrative Procedures
    1. Participates in the planning, development, implementation and evaluation of Administrative Procedures within areas of responsibility.
    2. Ensures the application of Administrative Procedures as required in the performance of duties.
  4. Organizational Management
    1. Within areas of responsibility, demonstrates effective organizational skills resulting in compliance with all legal and Board mandates and timelines and adherence to the Financial Services Supervisor’s directives.
  5. Communications and Community Relations
    1. Takes appropriate actions to ensure open, transparent internal and external communications are developed and maintained in her area of responsibility.
  6. Financial Services Supervisor Relations
    1. Establishes and maintains positive, professional working relations with the Financial Services Supervisor.
    2. Respects and honors the Financial Services Supervisor’s role and responsibilities, and facilitates the implementation of that role.
    3. Provides the information which the Financial Services Supervisor requires to perform her role in an exemplary fashion.
    4. Performs other related duties as may be assigned.
  7. Professional Practices
    1. Exhibits a high level of personal, professional and organizational integrity.
    2. Maintains confidentiality in all matters pertaining to the Division and its operation.


School Act, Sections 60, 61, 113, 116, 117
Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act
Funding Manual for School Authorities