AP 470 - Volunteers: Requirements for Volunteer Classroom Supports, Coaches and Supervisors

Ensuring a safe and caring environment for students shall be the primary consideration in the selection and use of volunteers for extracurricular activities. Although division employees are the preferred choice to lead such activities, the use of volunteers as classroom supports, coaches and supervisors may be a necessary alternative to allow such activities to proceed. 


  1. The principal shall be responsible for the selection and approval of volunteers, the establishment of roles and responsibilities and the supervision and maintenance of ongoing communication between the school and the volunteer.
  2. If the volunteer classroom support may be alone with students they shall be required to provide a recent Criminal Record Check (CRC). A recent CRC is one that has been completed within 3 months of the date of the volunteer activity. 
  3. Volunteer coaches and supervisors shall be required to provide a recent CRC. 
  4. The volunteer must immediately inform the principal if there is a change in their criminal record status as well as any changes in the driver's abstract.
  5. All volunteer classroom supports, coaches and supervisors, required to provide a CRC, shall complete the Volunteer Classroom Supports, Coaches and Supervisors Registration Form and the Declaration of Confidentiality Form. 
  6. When a volunteer has been approved to lead a student activity, the principal shall ensure the items included in the Volunteer Coach and Supervisor Orientation Verification Form have been discussed during an orientation session.
  7. Completed forms and CRCs shall be kept on file by school administration.
  8. All forms and the CRC for each classroom volunteer, coach and supervisor shall be renewed annually.
  9. Archived forms and CRCs must be retained for 7 years. 
  10. In the event a school team coached by a volunteer reaches zone or provincial competition, the team shall participate only if Alberta School Athletics Association (ASAA) regulations regarding teacher supervision are met. 
  11. The Superintendent or designate will conduct random audits of this administrative procedure on an annual basis.


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