AP 500 - Annual Budget Development Process

The budget reflects the annual goals and objectives set for the division by the Board. The division has adopted the principles and practices of school-based decision-making.


  1. The Superintendent, with the assistance of Secretary-Treasurer, has the responsibility to prepare budget development procedures for approval by the Board.
  2. The budget will be aligned with the goals, priorities and desired outcomes in the division’s Three-Year Education Plan.
  3. The Secretary-Treasurer will develop and present budget assumptions to the board prior to February 28 of the applicable budget year.
  4. The budget will be prepared based on needs identified with the Division. Funds will be allocated to each department/school to meet their needs within available resource.
  5. The Secretary-Treasurer will meet with the Associate Superintendent. HR to prepare staffing allocations to be included in the budget by April 30 prior to the applicable budget year.
  6. The Secretary-Treasurer will meet with the Associate Superintendents, department supervisors, and Directors of Learning to develop and solve a preliminary needs-based budget for their area of responsibilities by March 31 prior to the applicable budget year.
  7. The Secretary-Treasurer or designate will meet with each school principal and advise them with the development of a preliminary needs-based budget while shall be submitted to the Secretary-Treasurer for inclusion in the division budget by March 31 prior to the applicable budget year. The principal should consult with his/her school council prior to this meeting.
  8. The Secretary-Treasurer and Superintendent will present the annual balanced operating budget to the board prior to May 31 of the applicable year, along with staffing recommendations, use of operating and/or capital reserves, along with any proposed change to the program. This date may be extended to June 30 based on direction from the Province.
  9. The approved operating budget will be posted on the website and submitted to Alberta Education in accordance to their guidelines. 


School Act,  Section 60, 78, 147
Cross Reference: Policy 2 – Role of the Board
Policy 12 – Role of the Superintendent/CEO

Updated: March 2017