AP 514 - Purchasing

The division believes in purchasing competitively and seeking maximum educational value for every dollar expended, consistent with good purchasing practices. All items purchased in the name of a school or the division shall become the property of Palliser Regional Schools. 

The division supports the principle of purchasing locally where prices are competitive. To this end, opportunities should be provided for local suppliers to bid on bulk purchases of supplies, equipment and services.


  1. Authority to Requisition
    The principal/site manager is granted the specific authority to requisition goods and services in approved alignment with annual site budgets. Users shall specify the type, quality and quantity of materials.
  2. Purchase Cards
    Purchase cards will be used in accordance with AP 514.1 – Purchasing card and the Purchasing Card Manual.
  3. Authority to Purchase
    The Secretary Treasurer delegates to the Purchasing Specialist or designate the exclusive authority to act as the procurement and disposal agent of the division. The Purchasing Specialist shall be responsible for procuring products that meet acceptable commercial and safety standards at competitive prices. Exceptions to the specific purchasing authority outlined above are:
    1. Major construction contracts –  Secretary Treasurer or designate;
    2. Land acquisitions – Secretary Treasurer or designate;
    3. Employee fringe benefit contracts – Secretary Treasurer or designate;
    4. Legal and other consultative services – Secretary Treasurer or designate;
    5. CTS supplies – Principal;
    6. Postage meter replenishment – Principal/Department Supervisor; and
    7. Petty Cash – Principal/Department Supervisor.
      Exceptions shall be approved by the Secretary Treasurer.
  4. Tendering Procedures
    1. All tenders received will be reviewed and successful tenders approved by the Secretary Treasurer in consultation with the site manager.
    2. All quotes/tenders for a major purchase of equipment, supplies, service or construction in excess of seventy-five thousand dollars ($75,000) shall follow a formal tender process with public opening, and shall be in accordance with the New West Partnership Trade Agreement. This includes all tenders and requests for proposals issued by the Lethbridge Public Purchasing Consortium of which the division is a member.
    3. All quotes/tenders for a purchase under the threshold identified in 4.2 require a minimum of the two (2) quotes.
    4. The tenders will be evaluated on the basis of quality, service, availability, price and other criteria as deemed appropriate.
    5. Normally, the lowest bid consistent with specifications on each item shall be accepted. However, a bid other than the lowest may be accepted if the Secretary Treasurer believes that to do so would be in the best interests of the division.
    6. Tendered contraction excess of the two hundred thousand ($200,000) shall be brought to the Board for approval.


School Act,  Section 60, 61

Updated May 2017