Administrative Procedure 552

AP 552 - Special Needs Transportation


The division supports special transportation arrangements for students with special needs. The Transportation Services Supervisor is authorized to make such arrangements when determined necessary.


  1. The Associate Superintendent (Student Services) shall determine which students have special needs and require special transportation arrangements.
  2. The Transportation Supervisor shall be responsible for making all necessary arrangements to accommodate transportation requirements for special needs pupils.
  3. The Transportation Supervisor shall have the authority to enter into contractual arrangements with individuals or organizations to provide transportation for special needs pupils. Employees transporting students with special needs must have a Class 4 license. (Licensing cost plus medical up to a maximum of $70.00 as per bus drivers agreement)
  4. The Associate Superintendent (Student Services) shall be responsible for informing the Transportation Supervisor, the bus driver or driver of the transporting vehicle as to the pertinent nature of the child’s disability and appropriate procedures for the management of the disability.
  5. The responsibility for preparing a special needs pupil for transportation at the designated time lies with the parent and/or guardian.
  6. The special needs driver and/or assistant may provide assistance when necessary to a special needs student from outside the student’s residence to the transporting vehicle. The driver and/or assistant shall not be required to provide any assistance inside the residence, as this is deemed to be the full responsibility of the parent and/or guardian.


School Act,  Section 51, 60