October 13, 2020 Additional Information for Parents

Response to Illness and Symptoms

Please see the updated Alberta guidance links below for further information for responding to illness and symptoms of COVID-19.

Recent updates to the School Re-Entry GuideImplementation Guideand include some key changes and clarifications.

September 22, 2020 COVID-19 School Guidance

Since the Palliser School Re-Entry Plan was shared on August 5th, we have included updated information on essential guidance from the Alberta Government and updated Alberta Health Daily Checklist, available from ca/covid19 and

We have updated some FAQs from HR.

We have an updated Palliser Stay at Home Guide for parents and guardians on when children should be kept home depending on certain symptoms and for how long.

Palliser School Division COVID-19 School Guidance Document

Stay at Home Guide for Parents - COVID-19

Stay at Home Guide - when do I keep my child home?

It’s confusing. When should I keep my child home?
The new public health measures for COVID-19 mean students and staff who are showing any signs of illness, must stay home from school. To simplify the ‘should I keep my child home’ and ‘how long does my child need to stay home’ process, we’ve created a visual guide to help you understand how our schools are making decisions around managing student illness.