Our Schools

Milo Community School

Grades: 1 - 9, with free Kindergarten available privately

304 - 1st Street South
Milo, AB T0L 1L0
Phone: 403-599-3817
Fax: 403-599-3793


Mrs. Kerry Aiken


Administrative Assistant Mrs. Tammy Lahd


School Education Plan

This year we are focused on improving student achievement through:

1. Literacy

2. Assessment 

3. Safe and Caring Initiatives


“Empowering Lifelong Learners”


We will strive for excellence and be an engaging, collaborative, and global community; through high expectations, student leadership and family values.



As a learning community we value:

  • Student diversity
  • Active inquiry
  • Reflective practice


We believe in:

  • High expectations
  • Student leadership
  • Family values

Programs & Services

Educational Assistants in grades 1-3 for speech and literacy support.

Partnerships and collaboration with speech therapist, occupational therapist, and physio therapist.

Family School Liaison Counselor (FSLC) for support in mental and emotional health

Grade 1-9 options classes from robotics, to cooking, photography, yoga, sewing, drama and ukulele.

Grade 6-9 Band and Art with guest specialist teachers

Grade 3-5 Music and Art with guest specialist teachers