Our Schools

Milo Community School

Grades: 1 - 9, with free Kindergarten available privately

304 - 1st Street South
Milo, AB T0L 1L0
Phone: 403-599-3817
Fax: 403-599-3793


Mrs. Kerry Aiken


Administrative Assistant Mrs. Tammy Lahd


School Education Plan

This year we are focused on improving student achievement through:

1. Literacy

2. Assessment 

3. Safe and Caring Initiatives


At Milo Community School we promote critical thinking and global citizenship with a family atmosphere. With a vibrant and supportive community around it, Milo's students and teachers enjoy and take pride in their school. We are located in the rolling hills of Southern Alberta on the northeastern edge of Lake McGregor, halfway between Calgary and Lethbridge. The village of Milo has a population of approximately 120 residents and is surrounded by a rural population, primarily engaged in grain farming. The Siksika Nation borders the attendance areas to the north.


“Empowering Lifelong Learners”


We will strive for excellence and be an engaging, collaborative, and global community; through high expectations, student leadership and family values.



As a learning community we value:

  • Student diversity
  • Active inquiry
  • Reflective practice


We believe in:

  • High expectations
  • Student leadership
  • Family values

Programs & Services

Educational Assistants in grades 1-3 for speech and literacy support.

Partnerships and collaboration with speech therapist, occupational therapist, and physio therapist.

Family School Liaison Counselor (FSLC) for support in mental and emotional health

Grade 1-9 options classes from robotics, to cooking, photography, yoga, sewing, drama and ukulele.

Grade 6-9 Band and Art with guest specialist teachers

Grade 3-5 Music and Art with guest specialist teachers