Our Schools

Palliser Regional Schools offers full public education services to approximately 7,200 students from children in early learning programs through Grade 12. Palliser has 15 community schools, 17 Hutterian colony schools, 8 Christian alternative schools, seven of which are in Calgary on six different campuses, four outreach programs, an online school, and two Low German Mennonite alternative programs.

We would invite you to learn more about our schools and join us in supporting student learning success.

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International Student Program

Are you an international student interested in attending Palliser? Please click here.

Arrowwood School

Box 180
Arrowwood, AB T0L 0B0
Phone: 403-534-3825
Fax: 403-534-3780
Principal: Mr. Jason Neville
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Barons School

Box 189, Progress Avenue and Brainard Street
Barons, AB T0L 0G0
Phone: 403-757-2579
Fax: 403-757-2077
Principal: Mr. Nathan Sillito
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Brant Christian School

Box 130
Brant, AB T0L 0L0
Phone: 403-684-3752
Fax: 403-684-3894
Principal: Mr. Kevin Bailey
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Calgary Christian School

ELEMENTARY: 2839 49 Street SW,
SECONDARY: 5029 26 Avenue SW, Calgary, Alberta
Phone: (403) 242-2896
Principal: K-6: Mrs. Gwen Uittenbosch, 7-12: Mr. Jason Kupery
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Carmangay Outreach School

Box 194
Carmangay, Alberta T0L0N0
Phone: 403-643-2576
Fax: 403-643-2536
Principal: Nathan Sillito
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Champion School

Box 348 - 310 Main Street
Champion, Alberta T0L 0R0
Phone: 403-897-3831
Fax: 403-897-2171
Principal: Mr. Greg Rollingson
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Coalhurst Elementary School

510, 51st Avenue (P.O. Box 980)
Coalhurst, Alberta T0L 0V0
Phone: 403-381-3330
Fax: 403-381-7632
Principal: Sterling Paiha
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Coalhurst High School

Box 978 415 53 Ave
Coalhurst, Alberta T0L 0V0
Phone: (403) 381-4812
Fax: (403) 381-3011
Principal: Chris McIntyre
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County Central High School

Box 390, 504-4 Avenue South
Vulcan, Alberta T0L 2B0
Phone: (403) 485-2223
Fax: (403) 485-2959
Principal: Mrs. Tracy Inaba, B.Ed., M.Ed.
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Dorothy Dalgliesh School

Box 370, 400 - 6th Street North
Picture Butte, AB T0K 1V0
Phone: 403-732-5636
Fax: 403-732-4226
Principal:  Mrs. S. Shuttleworth
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Heritage Christian Academy

2003 McKnight Blvd. NE
Calgary, AB T2E 6L2
Phone: 403-219-3201
Fax: 403-219-3210
Principal: Mr. Ryan Brennan
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Huntsville School

Box 117
Iron Springs, Alberta T0K 1G0
Phone: 403-738-4522
Fax: 403-738-2344
Principal: Ms. S. Rogerson
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Hutterite Colony Schools

2016 19 Street
Coaldale, AB T1M 1L8
Phone: 403-345-3161
Fax: 403-345-3166
Principal: Mr. Wayne Tate and Mr. Danny Roberts
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Jennie Emery Elementary School

1101 22 Avenue
Coaldale, AB T1M 1N9
Phone: 403-345-2403
Fax: 403-345-5487
Principal: Mrs. Sherrie Nickel
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John Davidson School

2016 19th Street
Coaldale, Alberta T1M 1L8
Phone: 403-345-3161
Fax: 403-345-3166
Principal: Mrs. Janice Loitz
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Kate Andrews High School

2112 -21 St.
Coaldale, Alberta T1M 1L9
Phone: 403-345-3383
Fax: 403-345-5767
Principal: Mr. Harry Fritschy
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Master's Academy and College

4414 Crowchild Trail SW
Calgary, AB T2T 5J4
Phone: 403-242-7034
Fax: 403-242-4629
Principal: K-6: Linda Dyck, 7-12: Peter Muller
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Menno Simons Christian School

7000 Elkton Drive SW
Calgary, Alberta T3H 4Y7
Phone: 403 531 0745
Fax: 403 531 0747
Principal: Mr. Byron Thiessen
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Milo School

Box 90
Milo, AB T0L 1L0
Phone: 403-599-3817
Fax: 403-599-3793
Principal: Mr. Jason Neville
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Noble Central School

Box 119
Nobleford, Alberta T0L 1S0
Phone: (403) 824-3817
Fax: (403) 824-3809
Principal: Mrs. Kathy Oviatt-Petrunik
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Palliser Beyond Borders

c/o County Central High School Box 390
Vulcan, Alberta T0L 2B0
Phone: Main contact for registration 403-732-5810 (PBOS) Other campuses: 403-485-6180 (VOS) and 403-345-4421 (PASS)
Fax: 403-732-5164
Principal: Alison Hancox, B.Ed., MET
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PASS+ Outreach School

2016 19 Street
Coaldale, Alberta T1M 1L8
Phone: 403-345-4421
Fax: 403-345-4451
Principal: Alison Hancox
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Picture Butte High School

Box 1280, 401 Rogers Avenue
Picture Butte, AB T0K 1V0
Phone: 403-732-4404
Fax: 403-732-4757
Principal: Mark Lowe
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Picture Butte Outreach School

334 Highway Avenue
Picture Butte, Alberta T0K 1V0
Phone: 403-732-5810
Fax: 403-732-5164
Principal: Alison Hancox
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R.I. Baker Middle School

2112 - 13 Street
Coaldale, AB T1M 1L7
Phone: (403)345-3340
Fax: (403)345-2577
Principal: Mr. Dave Fender
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Sunnyside School

c/o Suite # 101 3305--18 Avenue N
Lethbridge, Alberta T1H 5S1
Phone: (403) 327-9214
Fax: (403) 327-5588
Principal: Connie Adserballe
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Trinity Christian School

#100, 295 Midpark Way SE
Calgary, AB T2X 2A8
Phone: 403-254-6682
Fax: 403-254-9843
Principal: Mr. Stan Hielema
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Vulcan Outreach School

Box 390, 102B 1st Street South
Vulcan, Alberta T0L 2B0
Phone: (403) 485-6180
Fax: (403) 485-6196
Principal: Alison Hancox
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Vulcan Prairieview Elementary School

Box 300
Vulcan, Alberta T0L 2B0
Phone: (403) 485-2074
Fax: (403) 485-6352
Principal: Mr. Shane Cranston
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