Online Student Registration

Online Student Registration

Online Student Registration form is for students who are not currently enrolled in any Palliser school but are planning to enroll in one of our 36 regular or online schools.  To use the online form, you must first create an account.  Once that is done you will be able to log into the online form.

Please note that some of our alternative schools may have additional specific requirements for school registration and acceptance.  If you need more information about the school you wish to register at, please contact the school directly before completing the online form.  Use The Palliser School Division School Directory to locate school contact information.

When creating your online registration please make sure you have chosen the correct school that you wish to enroll in from the drop list of Palliser schools.

If you are registering for a Palliser Pre-School Program please note there is a cost for the program. Please check with the school you are registering your child with for more information and payment options.

The following schools require a Confirmation of Acceptance before the online registration is completed.  Please use the links below to continue with the registration process or to contact the school for more details.

Proceed to complete an online registration if you have received enrollment confirmation from one of the schools listed above OR if you wish to submit a registration for one of the other 32 schools in The Palliser School Division

Thank you for choosing The Palliser School Division!