Our Mission and Vision

Mission Statement

Together we will ensure learning success for all students to develop their unique potential as caring citizens in a changing world.


Palliser Regional Schools is committed to engendering and supporting the values of the broader society: empathy, integrity, respect, trust and responsibility. If the children of this community are to realize these values, the division acknowledges its responsibility to provide an exemplary education. It can only do this by establishing a clear sense of the goals it is trying to accomplish, the characteristics of the schools it seeks to provide, and the contributions the various stakeholders must make in order to transform these ideals into reality.

For a complete review of Palliser's vision for student learning, leadership, personnel, school climate, community relations and students, please read Board Policy 1: Division Foundational Statements.


Palliser Regional Schools has aligned division goals with those established by Alberta Education.

These goals are:

  • Every student is successful.
  • Quality teaching and school leadership.
  • Effective governance.
  • First Nations, Metis and Inuit students are successful.

To read our Annual Education Results Report and Three-Year Education Plan, please click here.

Our plan for continuous improvement

Palliser Regional Schools maintains a focus and plan for continuous improvement of our schools through professional development, collaboration by administrators and teaching staff across the division, and through evidence-driven practices. Our efforts include:

  • Four division-wide professional development days are set aside each year, bringing toegher professional staff from across Palliser for small-group collaboration based on shared subject matter, grade level or expertise. The groups work toward a goal that relates directly to improved student learning.
  • The division has embraced assessment for learning strategies for student success and a focus on instructional leadership to improve teaching practice.
  • Since 2011-2012, Palliser has adopted a focus on literacy to ensure students have the skills needed for success in school and for life. This program emphasizes the teaching of reading and comprehension skills in ways tailored to the individual student's needs and abilities. Palliser teachers have access to a literacy coach to support this literacy emphasis and to collaborative teams of education professionals to help them ensure every student learns and grows.
  • An annual school goals process supports individual schools in their efforts to improve student learning. The process focuses on measurable outcomes. Every school must identify at least one goal that ensures a safe and caring school environment considered fundamental to student learning, and another that addresses improved student learning.
  • Palliser has created a school review process that collects data from students, staff and parents from several division schools each year. A review team of Central Office administrators and visiting principals and vice-principals look for evidence of the characteristics (or correlates) of effective schools. The review process is based on Effective Schools research. Palliser's Effectiveness Model is a graphic representation incorporating Alberta's Ministerial Order on Student Learning, and demonstrating the alignment between our expectations for students and the role of our teachers, principals, Superintendent and Board of Trustees that are focused on supporting each student to success.