Palliser History

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Palliser History

The legal entity, The Palliser School Division, was created in 1995 through the consolidation of two parent school boards which represented the majority of the Vulcan County and the entirety of the Lethbridge County. 

Palliser's original geographic area stretches from just south of the City of Lethbridge to north of the Bow River on the outskirts of Calgary. With the addition of faith-based alternative programs, Palliser now serves students within the City of Calgary as well.

Palliser serves about 8,400 students in 15 community schools; 11 faith-based alternative schools, ten of which are in Calgary on nine separate campuses; two alternative programs for Low German-speaking Mennonite families; five outreach programs; 17 Hutterian colony schools; a homeschooling program and an online and international program.

Palliser offers a broad range of programming from early learning programs (formerly known as preschools) through Grade 12. Some early learning and kindergarten programs at some sites may be operated by Palliser's private partners.

Palliser Regional Schools takes its name from explorer John Palliser, who led a British expedition to what's now Western Canada from 1857 to 1861.