Central Office Team

Meet the Central Office Team

Palliser Regional Schools Central Office provides centralized services in support of all students and all schools.

These centralized supports range from budgeting, hiring and personnel management, supports for students with identified needs, technology integration and literacy education.

This centralization of services and supports has helped transform Palliser from a system of schools to a true school system with supports and programs that benefit students across the diverse division, whether they attend a small, rural school or a large, urban one.

A decision by the Board of Trustees to move away from site-based management to a centralized system freed Palliser principals from serving as small business managers to focusing on their roles as instructional leaders, supporting their staff and improving their schools.

The division is led by Superintendent Dave Driscoll. 

Key members of his Central Office team include an Associate Superintendent and the Secretary-Treasurer. Here is a look at some of the key personnel:

Education Services:Tom Hamer, Associate Superintendent, Education Services

Human Services: Mike Nightingale, Deputy Superintendent

Business Services:  Dexter Durfey, Secretary-Treasurer