Palliser Alternative Programs

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Alternative Programs

The Palliser School Division supports parent choice for the education of their children, through the provision of several alternative programs.

Alternative programs emphasize a particular language, culture, religion or subject matter, or use a particular teaching philosophy which is distinctly different from that emphasized in a regular program.

In Palliser, alternative programs include nine faith-based programs in Calgary and one in Brant; schools for children from a Low German-speaking Mennonite background located in Barons and Coaldale and the junior and senior high school at Huntsville School in Iron Springs, a sports school in Calgary, and outreach programs in Coaldale, and Vulcan. Palliser's 17 Hutterite colony schools are also alternative programs.

In February 2016, Palliser opened its first outreach school in Calgary, to support students in our faith-based programs in that city. Palliser Alternative Outreach Program is located near Heritage Christian Academy and Calgary Islamic School Akram Jomaa campus in northeast Calgary. The outreach allows students to access high school courses on a flexible schedule.A 10th faith-based program, Horizon Leadership Academy, joined Palliser in the 2017-2018 school year in southwest Calgary, offering Islamic and Arabic studies and a leadership focus.

In September 2021 Palliser welcome the National Sport School in Calgary. The National Sport School (NSS) at WinSport is designed for families of high-performance developmental and competitive athletes who wish to excel in both academics and athletics. 

At our alternative schools, Palliser works in partnership with members of a society. The society works to support the alternative program components of the school program, busing if provided, and the facilities in which the schools are housed.

These schools' operations and administration are entirely the responsibility of Palliser Regional Schools.

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Please contact the faith-based school near you to arrange a school tour.

Brant Christian School, Village of Brant

Calgary Christian School, Calgary

Calgary Islamic School Akram Jomaa Campus, Calgary

Calgary Islamic School Omar Bin Al-Khattab Campus, Calgary

Heritage Christian Academy, Calgary

Horizon Leadership Academy, Calgary

Master's Academy and College, Calgary

Menno Simons Christian School, Calgary

Trinity Christian School, Calgary