Low German Mennonite Alternative Programs

Low German Mennonite Alternative Programs

Doot hia drekje tom ne Noreijcht up Plautdietsch heare

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Alternative Programs for Low German-Speaking Mennonites

The Palliser School Division offers alternative programs for families of a Low German-speaking Mennonite background at Barons School in the Village of Barons and John Davidson School in the Town of Coaldale.

At these schools, all students come from Low German-speaking Mennonite families. 

At Huntsville School, which offers an early learning program through Grade 12, the Grade 7-12 program is an LGM alternative program. The other grades are attended by students from a variety of backgrounds.

Carmangay Outreach School, while not specifically an LGM alternative program, serves as an extension of Barons School for students from Grades 7 through 12. This outreach program is open to any high school student wishing to complete high school courses in a flexible learning environment. However, due to space limitations at Barons School, junior high classes are also offered at Carmangay.

All all the LGM alternative programs, students learn English and study a regular Alberta program of studies in English. In addition, students learn High German.

The learning environment is sensitive to the Low German Mennonite culture. For example, prayer is part of the day and Halloween is not celebrated.

These schools also support parents who may not speak English. They have staff who speak Low German to assist with communication and they may offer English classes to parents.

For more information, please contact one of our LGM schools or contact:

Dan Doerksen
Low German Mennonite Liaison
For a German language brochure, please click here.