Technology Services

Technology Services in Palliser

Technology tools are integrated in our classrooms to help maximize learning opportunities and to add to highly engaging teaching and learning activities. We maintain a ratio of at least one computer/device for every four students, but with the infusion of notebook computers and tablets, many different tools and approaches can be found in classrooms across the division. 

Palliser observes a growing adoption of Google Apps for Education (GAFE) across all grade levels. Students are provided with email addresses that end with an "" domain, and this gives them access to a great variety of learning tools that are available anywhere, anytime thanks to web-based technology. Our GAFE domain also provides an amazing online community for our staff and students to connect and collaborate, within a secure environment aligned with our administrative procedures.

Technical supports are school-based, on the first level, through a site-based technology manager or IT staff. The support model includes a weekly allocation of computer technician time and systems/network infrastructure is managed at the division level.

Teachers are able to access expertise and support integrating technology tools into their professional practice through our Educational Technology Lead Teacher.

Information management related to student information and data submissions to Alberta Education are supported through our Student Information Systems Clerk.

For information about privacy and the use of Google Apps for Education, please visit our Privacy page.