School Councils

Schools in Alberta are required to have a school council, barring a lack of parent interest in creating and serving on such a council. The school council serves an important role in providing advice on the ongoing development of the school's mission, vision and philosophy, its annual education plan and goals and its policies. It should be noted the school council is not a fundraising body.

Palliser supports and strongly encourages parental involvement in school council. To support our councils, Palliser School Division pays the membership fee for each of our school councils to belong to the Alberta School Councils' Association, and to have access to ASCA's various supports and resources for effective councils. 

The school council also has a duty to report to the board on its activities. According to the Alberta School Act and the School Councils Regulation 113/2007, the council must prepare and provide a report to the board by Sept. 30th each year. In Palliser, this report should be forwarded to the Office of the Superintendent.

Palliser respects our parents' time and commitment to their schools. We don't want the reporting process to be onerous or deter parents from getting involved.

School Councils complete an Annual Report and, if applicable, a Statement of Receipts and Disbursements

Click here to view Alberta's School Councils Regulation.