New to Palliser

Welcome to Palliser

The best point of contact for families new to Palliser is the Palliser school in their community. You can find information about our schools here.

To register, you will need to complete a Student Registration Form or the Student Registration Form for Faith-based Alternative Programs, for students registered in our Calgary and Brant faith-based schools as well as our schools for Low German-speaking Mennonite families, John Davidson School in Coaldale and Barons School in Barons.

Bring the completed form to the school at which you wish to register. Staff at the school will be pleased to help you with the form if language is an issue.

Please bring the following documents with you when you register:

  • Verification of the child's legal name and age (usually a birth certificate)
  • The 911 address of the child's residence(s). In urban settings, this is a house number and street/avenue; in rural settings it's the series of numbers on the blue sign at the property.
  • If the parent/guardian is here on a student visa or work permit, please bring copies of immigration documentation.

For students new to Palliser and requiring bus service, please contact your school. The school's office staff will complete and submit the necessary paperwork to establish bus service for you. It is imperative that you provide the school your 911 address as noted above.