Facility Services

Facility Services Supervisor

The Palliser School Division Facility Services department oversees the maintenance and upkeep of 18 school sites across the Lethbridge County and Vulcan County as well as Palliser Education Centre, home to the division's Central Office services, in Lethbridge.

Facility Services is housed in Palliser Education Centre in Lethbridge, with a satellite shop operating in Vulcan.

For more information, please contact:
Rod Swartzenberger 
Facilities Services Supervisor


Occupational Health and Safety

The health and safety of Palliser School Divison's staff and students is paramount. As such, Palliser is committed to a health and safety program that protects our staff, our property and all who enter our facilities. Our commitment to safety is in accordance with standards outlined in the Alberta Occupational Health and Safety legislation and reinforced through regular training of staff.

As part of our safety program, employees can access online Safety Data Sheets. Click here for the online SDS resource.

Our staff may also call the Chemical Hotline at 1-866-724-6650, Option 2.

Community Use of School Facilities

In many communities in Palliser School Division, the school represents a community resource that individuals may wish to use for social, recreational or other activities. 

Palliser's Administrative Procedure 544 on the Community Use of School Facilities outlines the division's guideliness and requirements for community use of Palliser-owned facilities. Please review the procedure here. Please note, the procedure and process for community use does not apply to Palliser's schools in Calgary and Brant. Those alternative programs are housed in facilities owned by the societies at those respective schools. For use of those facilities, please contact the school directly.

Download a copy of the Application Form for Community Use of School Facilities in PDF format or as a Word document.

Three-Year Capital Plan

The Board of Trustees reviews and approves a three-year capital plan annually.

For a copy of the most recent plan, click here.