School fees

School fees are collected at the school and vary depending on the school and course offerings.

The division sets an instructional supplies and materials fee and a separate technology fee affecting all schools. These fees support student needs across the division.

Other fees are determined by the school on the basis of specific program or material needs. Examples would include a fee for yearbooks or for materials needed by students taking a construction course.

Palliser Regional Schools waives its standard instructional supplies and material fees for all students from Grades 1 through 6. While Palliser doesn't collect the fee of $39 for each student from Grades 1 through 6, the board does provide the elementary school the equivalent amount from general operating funds, sparing families the expense while giving schools the benefits of the revenue.

The instructional supplies and material fees for Grade 7-9 students is $59. For Grade 10-12 students the fee is $69. These fees were increased by $10 in 2014-2015, the first increase in at least 16 years.

The only other fee set by the board and collected across the division is a $35 technology fee for each Grade 1-12 student. This fee was increased by $10 in 2014-2015, the first time the fee was increased since its inception.

If the school's fees represent a financial hardship, please discuss this with your school principal as fees can be waived in these circumstances.