Inclement Weather

Southern Alberta is known for some dramatic weather, which can change quickly and vary considerably across the region.

Because conditions vary dramatically, Palliser's policy regarding inclement weather may be applied to specific parts of Palliser and not others.

A description of the regions and how the policy affects busing, please review AP 549 - Inclement Weather on inclement weather.

In the event of bus service being cancelled due to severe weather, please note that schools remain open. This is to ensure the safety of students who may arrive to school unaware of an announced closure. Depending on the circumstances, staff may remain at school for the day to work with students or they may stay long enough to arrange for the student to be safely returned home or to other accommodation.

When bus service is cancelled due to severe weather, it is cancelled for the full day.

Families along the affected routes are contacted by phone. Information about bus service can also be found on this website as well as on the websites of affected schools.