The Difference Palliser's Board has Made

Meet Wayne Tate, a long-time school administrator in Palliser Regional Schools, as he talks about the Palliser Board of Trustees' decision to centralize some services and move away from a strictly site-based system where all decisions are made strictly at the school level, and the positive impact that's had on schools, communities and, especially, student learning.

Board of Trustees

Palliser Regional Schools has a Board of Trustees composed of six members, each representing one of six electoral subdivisions in two wards that cover the entire County of Lethbridge and the majority of Vulcan County.

As of the school board election in October 21, 2013, trustees will serve a four-year term.

The Board's key responsibilities include establishing the annual budget, planning and goal-setting for the division, evaluating the superintendent and setting priorities that meet students' needs and reflect the community's wishes.

The Board governs in accordance with the School Act, the provincial legislation through which the Government of Alberta delegates authority for the governance of education to locally elected boards.

According to Palliser's policy on the role of the Board, the Board is charged with the responsibility of providing, for its students and their parents, an education system organized and operated in their best interests. It exercises this responsibility through setting of local educational policy and the wise use of resources. 

For more information on the role of school boards, the Alberta Education website may be a useful reference.