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Policy 2: Role of the Superintendent





Board of Trustees Palliser Regional Schools


 July 2017


 May 25, 2021


June 15, 2021 



Policy Statement:

 The Board has the responsibility to appoint a Superintendent.

The Superintendent is the Chief Executive Officer of the Board and the Chief Educational Officer of the Division. The Superintendent reports directly to the corporate Board and is accountable to the Board of Trustees for the conduct and operation of the Division. All Board authority delegated to the staff of the Division is delegated through the Superintendent. 

The Superintendent Leadership Quality Standard forms the foundation for the Superintendent role description. The Superintendent is expected to meet the Superintendent Leadership Quality Standard throughout his or her career. Reasoned judgment must be used to determine whether the Superintendent is meeting the Superintendent Leadership Quality Standard. 

The Superintendent Leadership Quality Standard states:


  • Quality superintendent leadership occurs when the superintendent’s ongoing analysis of the context,  and the superintendent’s decisions about what leadership knowledge and abilities to apply, result in quality school leadership, quality teaching and optimum learning for all students in the school authority. 

The Superintendent Leadership Quality Standard is described by seven competencies. The Superintendent is responsible and accountable for demonstrating proficiency in all of the seven competencies identified below. The competencies are interrelated and not presented in rank order.

  • Building Effective Relationships
  • Modelling Commitment to Professional Learning
  • Visionary Leadership
  • Leading Learning
  • Ensuring First Nations, Metis and Inuit for All Students
  • School Authority Operations and Resources
  • Supporting Effective Governance

Potential indicators are actions that are likely to lead to the achievement of a competency. Potential indicators serve as a guide and as such, the Superintendent may not be required to demonstrate proficiency related to each potential indicator.  The Superintendent Leadership Quality Standard can be found HERE

Monitoring and Evaluating Superintendent Performance

The purpose of monitoring and evaluating the Superintendent is to provide assurance to division stakeholders regarding the performance of the Superintendent, and identify areas of success and areas of growth for the Superintendent. The Superintendent will be evaluated based on the competencies and indicators outlined in the The Superintendent Leadership Quality Standard

Monitoring and evaluation processes will place emphasis on critical reflection related to the Superintendent’s professional practice, providing constructive and critical feedback and ongoing growth and improvement. 

The Board is responsible for monitoring the Superintendent’s performance on an ongoing basis. 

The Board and Superintendent will collaborate to determine the frequency, scope and process to be used when evaluating the Superintendent.