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Administrative Procedure 110: School Councils - Appendix A

The Alberta School Concils' Association Suggested Code of Ethics for School Counmcil Members

  • A member shall be guided by the mission statement of his or her school division.
  • A member shall endeavour to be familiar with school policies and operating practices and act in accordance with them.
  • A member shall practice the highest standards of honesty, accuracy, integrity and truth.
  • A member shall recognize and respect the personal integrity of each member of the school community.
  • A member shall encourage a positive atmosphere where individual contributions are encouraged and valued.
  • A member shall apply democratic principles.
  • A member shall consider the best interests of all students.
  • A member shall respect the confidential nature of some school business and respect limitations this may place on the operation of the school council.
  • A member shall not disclose confidential information.
  • A member shall limit discussions at school council meetings to matters of concern to the school community as a whole.
  • A member shall use the appropriate communication channels when questions or concerns arise.
  • A member shall promote high standards of ethical practice within the school community.
  • A member shall accept accountability for decisions.
  • A member shall declare any conflict of interest.
  • A member shall accept no payment for school council activities.