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Administrative Procedure 314: Consent to Medical Treatment

The division recognizes the authority awarded to parents/legal guardians for their children. Accordingly, the division directs its employees to refrain from offering consent for medical treatment of students. 

Where students require medical attention as a result of situations arising under their care, employee action will be according to the following procedures.

  1. Where, in the judgment of an employee, it is necessary for a student to obtain the services of a medical practitioner/facility, the employee shall:
    1. Arrange for the transportation of the student;
    2. Arrange for his/her or another employee's attendance with the student at the medical facility;
    3. Attend with the student until:
      1. Relieved by parent/legal guardian;
      2. Relieved by another employee;
      3. The student is discharged by the practitioner/facility; or
      4. Advised by a medical practitioner that there is no further need to remain at treatment, and safety of the child has been undertaken by the medical staff/institution.
    4. Upon arrival at the practitioner/facility, advise those in authority that he/she is not the parent/legal guardian of the student;
    5. Refrain from offering consent for medical treatment.
  2. On those occasions where medical treatment is refused because of lack of valid consent, the employee shall:
    1. Defer to the opinion of the medical practitioner;
    2. Solicit advice from the medical practitioner as to appropriate courses of action;
    3. Advise his/her supervisor of the problem and advice of the medical practitioner; and
    4. Take such course of action as recommended by the medical practitioner and approved by his/her supervisor.

Education Act
Emergency Medical Aid Act, Section 2
Cross Reference: Administrative Procedure 313 – Administering Medication to Students