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Administrative Procedure 351: Student Discipline and Suspension - Appendix A - Safe School Action Plan

As stated in Administrative Procedure 351 – Student Discipline and Suspension, each school will develop a school discipline policy and each classroom teacher will develop classroom behaviour expectations. 

Students with persistent behavioural difficulties require an individual program plan. 

Examples of some inappropriate behaviours considered minor to moderate offences include:

  • Bullying;
  • Defiance of adults in authority;
  • Inappropriate touching (excluding sexual touching);
  • Acting in a belligerent or argumentative manner;
  • Lying;
  • Cheating;
  • Swearing;
  • Teasing – name-calling;
  • Disruptive behaviour that interferes with the learning of others; and
  • Leaving the classroom or school premises without permission.

Flow Chart of Consequences for Minor Offences

Minor Offences
  • Dealt with by classroom teacher and/or the principal following school discipline policy/procedures.
  • Recommend anecdotal records be documented: date/incident/steps taken for minor offenses.
Recurring Mild to Moderate Offences
  • Classroom teacher/principal deals with issue.
  • Parent/guardian involvement.
  • Family school liaison counselor, learning support teacher, and other school staff.
  • Further assessment and development of an IPP may be warranted.
  • Precise documentation is required.

Specific unacceptable behaviours in the moderate to severe range include:

  • Chronic minor offender;
  • Stealing;
  • Intent to injure another person with the use of a weapon;
  • Throwing objects with wilful intent to harm;
  • Causing physical injury to another person by hitting, kicking, biting;
  • Blind rages where the child loses control, resulting in damaged property and/or injury to others;
  • Sexual behaviour;
  • Verbal abuse, ethnic/racial remarks, sexually derogatory statements;
  • Threatening bodily harm; or
  • Damaging property (school or other).


Flow Chart of Consequences for Major Offences


Up to 2 days
In-School Suspension 


  • Principal talks with the student to discuss the behaviour and consequences.
  • Principal notifies parent/guardian of unacceptable behaviour.
  • Team meeting including parent/guardian may result in an IPP being developed.
  • Student completes plan of action.
  • Student completes daily assignments in a segregated area away from the classroom.
Up to 5 days
Out-of-School Suspension 

Process includes above steps, plus:

  • May recommend gradual re-entry into class. Student will review progress in achieving his/her action plan for appropriate behaviour.
  • Notification sent to Superintendent
5 days
Out-of-School Suspension 

Process includes the above steps, plus:

  • Conference with parents re conditions for regarding conditions for readmittance to school.
  • Notification sent to Superintendent.

NOTE:    The nature of the unacceptable behaviour may mean the student moves immediately to Level II or even Level IV. The principal is responsible for determining the level of response.

Team members may include:

  • Associate Superintendent (Student Services);
  • Consulting teacher;
  • Family school liaison counselor;
  • School support staff;
  • Community agency personnel; and
  • Parents.