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Administrative Procedure 362: Appeals of Student Evaluation

The Division acknowledges the right of students to appeal their evaluations.

  1. School Level
    1. The initial appeal shall be made by the student or his/her parent, in writing, to the teacher within fifteen (15) days of the release of final standings. Reasons for making the appeal shall be included in the letter of appeal. The teacher shall acknowledge receipt of the appeal and render a decision, in writing, to the appellant within five (5) days of receiving the appeal.
    2. In the absence of the teacher, or if the initial appeal is unsatisfactory to the student and/or parent, an appeal may be made to the principal within thirty (30) days of the release of final standings.
    3. The principal shall initiate whatever procedures are deemed necessary to review the appealed situation, including but not limited to:
      1. Consultation with teacher(s) involved;
      2. A review of all pertinent information;
      3. A personal hearing of the student's appeal;
      4. An analysis of evaluation procedures involved; and
      5. Examination with the student of the graded final exam.
    4. The principal shall communicate, in writing, the outcome of the appeal.
  2. System Level
    1. A student or his/her parent dissatisfied with the outcome of the school-level appeal may request a hearing by the Superintendent.
    2. The division may charge the student or parent a fee for the materials prepared for the appeal consistent with the fees charged by Alberta Education for appeals.
    3. The decision rendered by the Superintendent shall be considered final, except where a student may elect to rewrite an available Grade 12 diploma examination.
  3. Provincial Level
    Should a student or his/her parent be dissatisfied with the procedures followed in determining the final mark in a provincial diploma examination subject, an appeal may be made as follows:
    1. School-based portion of final mark – Appeals should be made in the following order:
      1. To the teacher;
      2. To the principal; then
      3. To the Superintendent.
        In all cases, appeals will follow the formats established in the preceding procedures.
    2. Examination-based portion of final mark – Any appeals launched against this mark shall be made in accordance with Alberta Education policy and procedures.

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